Jennie Sawdon

“Whenever I speak to brides, understandably they want to get the music just perfect for their ceremony.


Obviously first and foremost it’s your big day and therefore whatever you say goes, however, I do think there are a few tips to help you make a good choice.

Firstly, make sure that the words to your favourite song are actually suitable for your big day – it’s amazing how often we don’t listen to lyrics and how inappropriate some are for a wedding!

Secondly, pick songs that mean a lot to you rather than just those you think other people will enjoy.

And lastly, I think it works well to pick songs that are celebratory and upbeat for your exit as this creates the right atmosphere and excitement for the rest of the day to come (and encourages a round of applause for your exit too, which I think is rather nice!)


Katy & Russell picked ‘Songbird’ for her entrance and with the help of ‘Jeff Wood Visuals’ you can see me singing her in here:

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