How to keep your Wedding Dress stain free

There is a question we at Cherish Bridal hear time and time again from brides, when they are having alterations done or collecting their gown from us – how can I keep my dress stain free??
Wearing white or ivory is hard to do in normal circumstances but on your wedding day it’s more difficult to keep that white or ivory outfit stain-free. After you have booked your gown, had a fitting, and had your alterations done to your beautiful gown , it’s important to protect your dress on the day of your wedding so that you don’t have to walk down the aisle with a Prosecco stain or foot print mark on the hem of your dress!!
Here are four easy tips to keep your dress looking pristine, all day and night.

1. Choose what you eat wisely.
Your wedding day is the day when you should say no to eating messy food! It is only for one day and if you know you are accident prone, why risk it!!
Avoid foods like tomato ketchup, dips, guacamole, mayonnaise and soup, and stay with foods that don’t drip or fall apart easily. Eating finger foods that you can easily put in your mouth without it going everywhere else is your best bet; you will have a napkin at hand to wipe your fingers. Try to avoid dark drinks such as cola (or red wine!) before you get to the church or venue, in case of an accidental spill — if you do have to have a drink then use a straw to stop you sipping and dripping down the front of your wedding gown!


2. Wear a large napkin or an adult size bib!
Cover yourself with a towel or handfuls of colour free paper towels when you’re eating or getting your makeup touched up. If there was ever a time to wrap yourself up in cotton wool, now would be it!

3. Be aware of where you are posing for photos.
When you’re having your photographs taken throughout the day and night with your guests, watch out for those guests who are clumsy and look like they might spill their drink all over the place and on you!! If the grass may be wet or muddy at the venue ask if they have a spare rug you can stand on and arrange this before your big day just in case, so your shoes don’t sink into the ground and your hem does not get grass stained and dirty. Be on your guard for smokers with lit cigarettes if you are outside with your guests. Ask people to put down their drinks, their food, and even their dirty napkins before having a picture with you. Avoid the chocolate fountain area at all costs!! If you do have children attending make sure they are aware not to touch you with dirty fingers from the buffet table!! This will help you make it to the end of your wedding day without a gown that looks like it has been paintballed!!

4. Have a collection of stain removers on hand.
Have a whole bag organised with different products in it. It will come in handy to treat stains immediately if anything should occur to potentially ruin your dress on your wedding day. Make sure you know what product is for what stain and that you have someone to help you and keep you calm or you could make the stain worse if you do need to try and remove one.
Being prepared doesn’t mean you are taking things too seriously and being precious about your gown, after all you have paid a lot of money for it so you will obviously want to protect it and it will give you peace of mind, should anything happen. You cannot prevent accidents occurring however, and once you have had your main photographs of the day with family and friends why not just let your hair down and enjoy your dress for the rest of the night? Dresses can be dry cleaned, so party hard and don’t worry, the day flies by quickly, so make the most of wearing your beautiful wedding gown.


Guest post written by Tracy Hollinshead at Cherish Bridal.
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