Honeymoons and Minimoons

pexel palmtree-35mm-coqueiroTraditionally the newlyweds would leave their evening reception having got changed in their suite and then been straight off to their honeymoon destination, whether that was Bognor or Bermuda. Couples are doing things differently now as they want to stay to enjoy the whole evening with their guests and not feel like they are missing all the late night antics! As couples are more comfortable requesting cash gifts or vouchers towards a honeymoon it makes sense that they are only able to book this and arrange the payment once the wedding is over and they know exactly what they have to spend. It also gives them time to prepare, get their passports in order with the correct names, check the weather for the time that they will be on their honeymoon (especially important to avoid monsoons or hurricanes which can coincide with our UK summer season). It is also an opportunity to make sure that the couple have had any relevant injections or course of medication needed before visiting a particular location. Around three quarters of newlyweds are delaying their honeymoon until a month after the wedding and sometimes even longer as this gives them a chance to get everything in place, catch their breath after the wedding and still have something to look forward to. Destination weddings which take place abroad combine the wedding ceremony and honeymoon, saving on the cost as everything takes place at one location. Couples can then opt to have a celebration for family and friends sea-nature-coast-rockwhen they return if they wish and extend that holiday feeling for a little longer. As many engaged couples are also saving to get a place together it makes sense to delay the honeymoon if it means that they are able to spread the cost. Another alternative is to have a Minimoon where the couple have a few days away in the UK straight after the wedding, which is a nice break after what can sometimes be a stressful, if enjoyable, time. Popular minimoon destinations are cosy country houses and spa hotels, where there is a relaxing atmosphere in which to wind down and spend some quality time together before returning to work and the everyday life. We have suggested some wonderful honeymoon and minimoon destinations below for you to consider.

Cyprus, South Africa, Thailand, Australia, Maldives, USA, Iceland, Italy, Scotland, Cornwall, The Gower Peninsula, Southern Ireland, The Lake District, Isle of Wight.