Honeymoon in St Barth’s

St Barth's Linda BettsGlossy magazines have been all about St Barth’s for quite some time. Over the last 50 years this tiny island has become a jewel of the Caribbean. Why has this place become home away from home for the Hollywood royalty, the pop princesses and the sultans of Silicon Valley and why is it so perfect for your honeymoon? It offers such a balance of beautiful nature, super nice hotels and fun stuff to do that you will not want to leave.

Romantic retreat

St Barths palms Linda BettsTake advantage of island’s remote location, exclusivity and find yourself a place in one of the romantic hotels on the island. The combination of beautiful mountains and turquoise blue waters make a picturesque backdrop for your honeymoon. Where to stay then? Check out the some of the most famous hotels in St Barth’s: Le Guanahani or Le Sereno.

Rent a convertible Mini Cooper and do a romantic trip around the island. On the way, stop at Nikki beach and have a stroll there, dip in the beautiful turquoise water and get a rum cocktail from a nearby bar. Check out St. Jean with an array of beach bars, colourful boutiques and clubs.

Go to the mountains and find a spot either in nature or try Café Santa Fe and watch the sunset.

St Barts view Linda Betts

Treasure Hunt

St Barth’s is a French island and you can feel the style and nonchalance all around you. You will fall in love with it. Cafés serve beautifully arranged macaroons with your glass of iced coffee. For a touch of Saint Tropez, dress up in the evening, nip down to the coastal town of Gustavia to shop for designer outfits and accessories before you head over to one of the amazing French restaurants for dinner in the yacht club. For casual dining check out La Creperie. Take advantage of evening temperatures and take a walk around the marina.

St Barths marina Linda Betts


Charter a wooden sailing yacht for the day and do a trip around nearby uninhabited islands.

Get a ferry to nearby island of Anguilla which has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Check out neighbouring island of St Maarten and don’t miss Maho beach where you can see planes taking off and landing right above your head from the airport with the craziest runways in the world. Experience the jet blast like nowhere else.

St Barths yachts Linda Betts


Did you know?

  • St Barth’s is a short version of the official name Saint-Barthélemy
  • No house in St Barth’s has a house number, they each have a name
  • Before the beginning of the 70’s St Barth’s had no electricity and hardly any tourists
  • This island is only approximately 9 square miles in size
  • Island is so safe that even the police department is closed over  lunch time and most of the weekends
  • Even though the island is the size of a pin, there are four spoken languages: French, St Barth Creole, English and Patois.
  • The island has 22 white sand beaches.


Originally settled by the French, this lovely island was once traded to the Kingdom of Sweden giving it a unique blend of both cultures.

How to get there

From Europe: Two carriers fly to nearby island of St Maarten: KLM and French airlines. From USA, fly Delta or American Airlines. All major airlines fly once daily. From St Maarten you can catch a regular small plane flight to St Barth’s. If you are scared of flying in small planes, there is a back-up option: a regular ferry service.

St Barths postcards Linda Betts

When to go?

The best time to go is in May and June. The weather is perfect!

Avoid September, October and November.


St Barth’s is definitely not a budget honeymoon destination. But it gives you taste of perfect. Start saving up!

This is a guest post by Linda Betts, Cheshire wedding and fashion photographer