Honeymoon in Spanish: Learning a new language before you travel

Thursday, September 29th, 2022
Spanish is known as one of the ‘Romance’ languages and if you’re planning your honeymoon to a Spanish-speaking country it’s well worth taking some time to learn the language before you travel.

Spanish is a language that comes in handy when traveling.

You’re preparing for your luna de miel (honeymoon) to Mexico or one of the other 20 countries where Spanish is the first language. You know how much more value you’ll get from your trip if you know a bit of the language before you travel. 

Being able to tell the waiters that you are on your ‘luna de miel’ and that you are ‘recien casados’ (just married) will certainly get you some extra-special attention. Knowing how to ask and answer some basic questions too will help build rapport while you’re there and help you have a much more enriching experience.

Traveling to a Spanish speaking country is a great time to also learn the local language.

Sometimes learning for learning’s sake can feel arduous so having something to aim for, such as a specific travel date, is a great motivator to learning a new language or brushing up on your existing knowledge. 

Usually six-weeks is enough to get to grips with the basics, so if you count backwards six or seven weeks from your travel date that will give you a good idea of when to start (if you haven’t started already that is.)

Learning new languages can be fun.

You’ll already have lots of appointments and meetings booked in your diary leading up to your wedding and it can all feel extremely busy and stressful.  Learning Spanish can be a break from all that. Time for you and your partner that you can spend relaxing and enjoying getting to know each other in a different language! 

Learning about the cultural aspects of the country you are visiting is also important.

By learning the language, you will also be more exposed to the culture of your honeymoon destination. Especially with a Bespoke Language Package that is tailored to your destination, you will learn destination-specific phrases and be able to have fun practicing the local accent 

Learning Spanish as a couple is fun and comes in very handy when you’re honeymooning!

If you’d like to learn Spanish in preparation for your honeymoon we have online lessons for beginners and Bespoke Spanish Courses that are tailor-made to suit your destination, experience and learning style. More information on our website www.adventuresinspanish.co.uk  or contact Kelly directly via email kelly@adventuresinspanish.co.uk or phone Tel ++44 (0)7592 833 462. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

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