Hair and Beauty

Nicola Green from Caesars Salon gives her top beauty tips and advice to make sure you look stunning on the day of your life.

“Our specialised team at Caesar’s offer a completely new and unique experience.  Every brides’ needs are individual.  From the first meeting with a new bride, we develop a relationship with them.  We are on hand for them to talk to about anything.  Together with the bride, we will create your perfect look with expertise and precision.”
The 5 top Hints and tips:

  1. 1.  Make sure your hair is in the best condition possible. Have regular treatments and do not over process colours.  Never drastically change your hair before the wedding.
    2.  Design your hair round your dress.  We can attend fittings to take pictures and design your hair to suit your face shape, colouring and your personal style.
    3.  Never worry about your hair being too thin or very straight.  We have experienced hair specialists in hair pieces and extensions.
    4. Don’t be scared to do something different with your bridal hair.  That is what the trial is all about, finding what you love and hate.  Keep scrapbooks of things you love and hate, it will give your stylist a starting point.
    5.  Always take your accessories with you to trials.  This will help complete your look.
    Make up
    1.  Always ask for a foundation with a semi-matt finish to avoid shine on photographs.
    2.  It is advisable to stick to natural make up.  However, if you are adventurous, go for a vintage classic look. 
  2. 3.For long lasting lip colour, try putting a little concealer on your lips to prime them
  3. 4.  don’t forget your lipstick so you can top up during the day.
    5. Eyelash extensions are gorgeous, but don’t over do it.  If you have extensions, you won’t need mascara for the top eyelashes.  If you are not having extensions then we recommend a mascara with a wide brush for fuller lashes.  Don’t forget to make it waterproof.
    Beauty and Nails
    1. Make sure you have the perfect skin
  4. 2.  If you want a summer glow, spray tans are amazing. 
  5. 3.  Book a relaxing massage the night before.  It works wonders and relieves stress.
  6. 4.  Nails are a must   Sculptured nail extensions are the best and will guarantee a flawless finish. 
  7. 5.  Waxing treatments need to be done at least 24 hours before the wedding.  

* Vintage Vogue:

Vintage Vogue is a true classic.  It is a simple, elegant, and sculptured look that speaks for itself.  If you look at make up of the vintage era, you will find it bold and beautiful.  For a modern twist, tone it down to stop it from being too much.  The use of vintage pieces in hair has a massive influence on the overall look.  Jewellery and key hairpieces bring your hair and your wedding dress to life, making you feel as if you have stepped back in time.
* Floral finesse:  
Flowers are back.  Our sources tell us that the floral theme will be in fashion for some time to come.  Not the big flower headbands of the 80s, but the simple sophistication of placing them within the hair.  Big bold flowers are great for placing at the side of a hair style; dainty flowers like spring daisies are literally placed within the style itself for a full blown festivity of floral finesse.
* Tiara-tastic:

The classic tiara will never date.  It is a simple yet stunning way to add sparkle to any bride. It also brings to life a bold or simple hairstyle, or a classic twist on a great all time favourite.  The tiara deserves a mention because they suit almost any style you want to create. It is effortless and truly amazing.
* Modern Marvel:  
Modern Marvel creates new and exciting styles with hair.  If you are daring, go for it! There is no book that can advise you as much as you can advise yourself.  The New York Bridal Show in 2011 consisted of wedding mini-dresses and very daring hairstyles.  Keep it toned down, but go with the flow.  A bold new modern twist, we love it.


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