Had to Postpone your Wedding? Here are 5 Ways to Celebrate your Original Date

Tuesday, August 25th, 2020

Ending up with a postponed wedding is never in wedding plans. If you’re a bride or groom whose wedding date was affected by Covid-19, or anything else for that matter, we are really sorry and we’re here for you!

Sometimes life throws you a major curve ball and the best you can do as a couple is to navigate it together. Whilst all manner of emotions and grief are completely normal in making this decision, just know that a postponement is just that, a postponement. Your wedding day will arrive. And it will be all the more joyous and wonderful because of what you and your partner have been through.

But once you’ve crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s on your hopeful new wedding date, what do you do for the original one? Cancel the world and stay under your duvet? Maybe. Or use it as a way to extend the celebration of your love and commitment to each other? That sounds much better to us!

We know it will almost be impossible to truly ‘celebrate’ on what was supposed to be your big special day, but to help you along the way a bit, we have put together 5 ways you can celebrate your original wedding date.

1. Break out the Old Photos

If there were ever a time to reminisce about your relationship and take a trip down memory lane, then today’s the day! Take this time to step back, have a day in, and go through all your old photos, love notes, emails or texts.

Strip back to the core of your relationship and relive the day you met and see how your love grew to what it is today. Fall in love all over again. And of course, take the time to remind your partner what it is you love about them. 

2. Go Out for a Fancy Meal – or Order One In

Now that restaurants are starting to re-open, you could book to go to your favourite fancy restaurant and treat yourself to a gourmet meal. Don’t hold yourself back, treat yourself to a nice new dress – maybe in white as a nod to your original wedding date – and be as extravagant as you like when you go out. If you do decide to add a bottle of wine to your order, don’t forget to take a mask for the taxi ride home. 

Or, if you don’t feel comfortable going out just yet – you can support your favourite local takeaway and order in instead. Make it special by dressing up, lighting some candles in your home, setting the table nicely and getting your nice dishes out. 

3. Hire Your Photographer for the Day

Escape from reality for the day. Put a picnic together and drive to your nearest National Park, or favourite local beauty spot, with your fiance. This could be the perfect time to get some special pictures that you can treasure with your partner. Just check with your photographer to see if they are open to a distanced photo session. 

If you already have your wedding dress, you could even put it on for the pictures if you feel like it. It was supposed to be your wedding day after all! Or, if you want to save the surprise, or believe it’s bad luck for your groom-to-be to see you in your wedding dress before the real wedding day, then you could find something else striking for the photo shoot.

4. Plan a Zoom Party with Your Family

Even though it’s sad you can’t celebrate your love for your fiance with your family in-person – you can always gather your close family friends together for a virtual Zoom party.

Tell stories to one another, play a few songs you had planned for your wedding party and have a laugh with the ones you love. You might also include a prompt for guests to share their favourite wedding advice or a heartfelt story about your relationship on the video call.

5. Take it Easy

Don’t plan anything – just take it easy. 

Sometimes doing nothing together is the best thing to do. Give yourself permission to laugh, to cry, to take action, or kick back and relax. If you want to sit on the couch with your fiancé and binge watch Netflix all day, do it!

If you want to put together some sort of celebration to pay tribute to the day, do it! But don’t feel like you have to. This pandemic was a serious blow to your wedding vision, and it’s okay to feel the feels. How you spend the “original” date is up to you and no one else.


Have you had to postpone your wedding due to COVID? Or have you had to change the tone of your ceremony to suit the times? Whatever your plans are – we’re here for you. If you need any help or advice on wedding planning on the North West, then feel free to get in touch with County Brides. Or, you can join us for one of our postponed wedding fayres, which will kick off again in September.

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