Guys and Weddings

What does the modern guy want from his wedding these days? Apart from someone to share the day with of course! He might be fulfilling the dream of finding Ms or Mr Right, want a great excuse for catching up with all his mates from Uni at a weekend stag do, be longing to have a family or just be feeling all sappy and romantic having proposed in a moment of madness after a few tequilas!

Gone are the days when it was always all about the bride, there may not even be a bride at some weddings so the partnership of the people getting married should be the focus, not the big white dress. Everyone wants to have someone to share their life with and for most couples that means that they will probably think about getting married at some point. Weddings are big business so it pays to do your research and one of the best places to start is at a wedding fayre.

County Brides arrange lots of fayres and our magazine is one of the most widely read so you can get all sorts of information from our exhibitors and wedding features to begin to choose the elements that are the most important to you. Do you want to have a silver topped cane and a top hat, full highland dress, a beautifully tailored suit or will you just be happy that your partner turns up? Some guys are complete foodies and will want to taste test every menu going so they know that whatever happens on the big day the weak feeling in the knees won’t be due to an empty stomach! If they have been on a pre-wedding health kick it might be a lovely indulgence for both parties to be eating exactly what they like on their wedding day, whether that is fish and chips, a mouth-watering hog roast, an exquisite five course wedding breakfast or a delicious wedding cake.

Romance is still well and truly alive in the 21st century, with couples using all manner of technology to propose and share their wedding plans; whether they have met through friends, online, on a blind date or somewhere more unusual. Couples are arranging their weddings in unique locations, writing their own vows and not getting stressed about the guest list. If you are a guy getting married soon what is your ‘must have’ item for the big day?