A Guide to First Anniversary Present Ideas

First Anniversary presents

You’ve had one exciting year of marriage and your anniversary is on the horizon. So, you want to make it extra special and find a gift to celebrate that first year.

But, you read that the traditional first anniversary gift is…paper. Yup, paper. Exciting right? Well on the surface, maybe not.

However, remember that there’s no need to be quite so literal and buy your other half actual paper. It’s all about being imaginative and finding something personal and memorable.

Often, it’s not about the money you spend but the thought behind it. So, to help you, we’ve put together the following list of gift ideas for your first anniversary. Enjoy!

A Personalised Illustration

This artist on Etsy hand draws personal illustrations based on a photo you submit. It could be of anything from the church you were married to the place you first met. Get imaginative, this one could be a real winner!

First Anniversary presents

Image Courtesy of SudioYelle, Etsy


A Heart Map

Is there a place that’s really special to you both? The destination of your first holiday, maybe. Or the place you met? These custom heart maps are a beautiful way to frame that sentimental place.

First anniversary presents Image courtesy of Cartographika, Etsy


Ok, we’ll forgive you if they’re e-tickets. They can still be printed, which still counts as paper. So, if you’re feeling extravagant and want to celebrate in style maybe tickets to somewhere hot? A concert, perhaps? Or an experience day.


A ‘Story of Us’ print

These are adorable and sure to melt your loved one’s heart. You simply enter your information, like your names, first date, places you’ve traveled together, your children’s names etc and this company will send you a customised print.

First anniversary presentImage courtesy of Letterfest

Paper Plane Necklace

If your wife is partial to her jewellery, this is a great way to get around the paper tradition. These personalised paper plane necklaces are the perfect keep sake.

First anniversary presentImage courtesy of Posh Totty Designs

Card games to play together

Competitive couple? Card games could be a great gift if you love a good games night. From traditional cards, to more modern games like UNO and What do you Meme?

First anniversary presentImage courtesy of Delia Creates