Guest Post by Nikki Webb MUA: Your Wedding Trial

Monday, February 24th, 2020
wedding trial tips

The Wedding is getting ever closer, endless lists, the bank balance significantly reducing and no date night in sight…what is next on the list??

Only your wedding trial with Nikki Webb bridal specialist, who will give you every excuse to get your favourite outfit on and drag the other half out! 

So many Brides ask the same questions, mostly because of the nerves of never having your makeup done before, the thought of looking like someone you’re not and putting all that trust in to someone you’ve briefly met at a wedding fair…FEAR NOT… I’m here to help!

Here’s the most common questions in the lead up or on your trial:

What do I need to bring…

Just yourself, fresh faced and excited to create your bridal look. If you have a tiara, hair piece or veil bring them too, along with any images you’ve found when searching for ideas.

I’m nervous…

I’m here to help you create the vision you have for your big day. I am here to listen and put my skills and expert advice to the test. I want to create the best version of you…Not to stamp you with a style you will not like.

I live, sleep and breathe weddings, I love to hear all about the dress, the plans, the theme and with all of that I have the same vision as you, together we can make the dream a reality!!


I don’t know what I want…

Pinterest, Google and social media platforms are great for ideas. Whilst I am realistic and explain how airbrushed some makeup images can be I will offer my professional advice based on the theme of pictures you have found.

I will also advise how best to achieve the look, especially with hair styles, extensions or hair pieces that may be needed. Images are a great way to get an idea of what you like but whilst were talking, I’ll be looking at your colour palette, your eye colour and creating the look that would suit you enhancing all your beautiful features.  

I have NEVER had my makeup done before…

This is quite often the case for most Brides. In the days before a trail we will chat about what to expect. You’ll come to my home studio, be greeted with a warm beverage and my puppy dog Hugo, he loves weddings (they mean more brides and their girls visiting for cuddles and strokes).

Together we will discuss what you wear day to day and on a night out. Whether your wanting a natural to all out glam look, my aim is to get you somewhere in the middle. There is plenty of time given for you to feel at ease and change anything your unsure about. A perfect version of yourself is exactly who you should be on your wedding day. 

wedding trial tips

My hair doesn’t curl…

I will try my best to use the products, tools and skills I have to create the style your hoping for. I can offer advice on styles I think will work best in your hair and guide you with hair extensions or hair pieces. 


What if I don’t like it…

We have cleanser to take it off!! And plenty of time to explore all of your options till you are happy. I ALWAYS explain what I am doing so it is not a shock when you look in the mirror. 

wedding trial tips

What if it doesn’t last…

The whole purpose of the trial is to see how your hair holds, up or down along with how your makeup lasts. A catch up after your trial will ensure I have all the feedback I need to provide the best service.

We can change and adapt the problems to ensure these do not happen on the big day. It can be as little as a change of lip colour to prepping your skin and hair differently. All of your woes can be recognised and fixed, you can even come back for another trial. 


I don’t want anyone to see it…

I can appreciate this so much however I do advise you have your trial on an occasion or event. Even a date night with the other half…if he remembers what you look like in 6 months before your big day, I will personally marry him!!

I can also change things a little to make it slightly different to your bridal look so you get all of the benefits of your trial. 


Can I have my hair and makeup done again for another occasion…

Its actually quite amazing after a trial how many times I see a Bride before their big day…it absolutely becomes any excuse to get made up again for any occasion. And even better that my Brides come back after their big day to see me and be glammed up for their events. 


So what are you waiting for, get booked in for your bridal trial…

If this doesn’t calm your worries of booking your hair and makeup artist for your wedding day, just get in touch. I am always on the end of an email awaiting all your questions.

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