Guest Blog by Nikki Webb: My Makeup Artist, My New Best Friend…

Wednesday, October 30th, 2019
Nikki Webb Make Up Artist

Its all in the TITLE!!! 

What girl does not desire to have their very own Makeup Artist? Especially one that gets involved and shares wedding dreams with you. Well that is exactly what you get when booking Nikki Webb Makeup Artist to be apart of your wedding. 

Notice how I say Wedding and not Wedding Day… From the very first email, begins the plans. As a Bride you have your image. The Venue, the DRESS and the vision of exactly how you will look gliding down the aisle to your FUTURE HUSBAND….eekkk HUSBAND!! The whole experience is so magical, a dream come true!! 

From Pinterest to reality…

Now for me, its about bringing that to life for you. Its being at the end of an email at 2am when you wake up and need to share that idea…this has happened to me several times, I welcome it, I love all these little moments.

The screen shots, the pictures of random colours in shops, the Pintrest boards, it all makes the illusion become a reality. Imagine how many images I have from Brides that book wayyyyyy in advance, its awesome!! 

With the endless post-It notes, check lists and organiser journals being checked off, the meet beckons. WE MEET!! Sometimes this is for the first time, but every Bride is special. I never forget the first time. This is the big day in the making.

At a trial all the screenshots, ideas and inspiration becomes a reality. We talk, laugh and actually begin to feel like we’ve known each other longer than the cup of coffee its taken us to blurt every idea we have between us out. I love to hear all about the wedding theme, colours and that all important DRESS… 

Nikki Webb Make Up Artist

When you have so many ideas its so hard to break down exactly what you want but with all the talk of the big day and seeing the vision you become when you talk about your dream, my dream is easy.

My dream for each bride is to create the best version of themselves on their wedding day. Its creating that flawless glow, that is going to glide through the air on that very special date you will both remember forever, or at least you will and you will enjoy making the husband squirm each year after he’s forgotten AGAIN. 

(A little prayer for each Groom that he remembers the date!)

A little brush here, a sponge there, powder, lip and its YOU!! You on your wedding day. A vision of natural beauty, a bridal glow, a grown up little girl about to make all those years of dreaming and planning a dream come true. I love each Brides reaction. I have actually had tears… in a good way obviously.

We share a moment. A moment to take it all in. You move your face in different positions, smile, thrown and stare. I step back and wait. And just like that… a sigh of relief, YOU LOVE IT!!! I have created the look you imagined, exactly what you wanted. 

A makeup look that is 

  • not too much but enough
  • natural but not 
  • glam but not going out 

At this exact moment, I pause… I smile, I glow. I am living my dream and I get to share yours. 

Now we are practically best friends and I’m now the 6th Bridesmaid being in touch up until the wedding day seems more exciting. The messages become more frequent. The 2am ideas become, 12, 2, 4 and any other hour in the day panics, worry’s and woes.

I am here, right on the end of the phone, email, message and even social media memes I have been tagged in several times. I do not and never will think you are a Bridezilla. After all, If you can’t be bossy on your wedding day when can you??  

Its here! The Big Day…

Its a day that seems so surreal. Somewhat not a reality. But it is, and her I am enjoying your wedding morning with you and your bridal party. Makeup brushes at the ready, 1 bridesmaid, 2 bridesmaid and more. Everyone looks a picture. Fizz flowing, smiles glowing, pictures capturing and its time to get dressed. 

The butterflies kick in. Well nerves, but butterflies sound better. Just like that your stood in front of your bridal party, dressed in the most beautiful gown about to marry the man of your dreams. This moment fills me up with pride. As if your one of my own, in all honesty you are. You are one of my beautiful Brides. 

With a once over, touch up on the lip and a squirt of perfume, I send you on your way. Down the stairs, along the corridor and in to a room of gasps, wows and tears. He better be crying…otherwise your turning around to walk back in again, right? 

It’s a wrap. My time here is up. With a smile on my face, I drive away from your venue, away from the wedding I’ve heard so much about and wish you every happiness in the world. Another Beautiful Bride to add to my collection… 

…I longingly await you sending me your wedding day images. A glow. As sense of achievement. I did it. WE DID IT!! 

Until the next Bride…

…If you are looking for a Makeup Artist for your wedding day who WILL feel like the added member to your girl gang, get in touch!! 

I cannot wait xox 


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Tel – 07833464223

Facebook – Nikki Webb Makeup Artist 

Instagram – nikkiwebbmua 

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