Guest Blog by Nikki Webb: How to get that Wedding Day Glow

Thursday, July 2nd, 2020
wedding day skin tips

Every bride wants to have good skin but stress and other pre-wedding factors can make it difficult to achieve that flawless glow. Here’s makeup artist, Nikki Webb’s, top tips.

Skin! We all have it but we don’t always take good care of it!

With the wedding date set, the dress on order and the preparations for your bridal makeup look fully underway, there is always something almost every bride forgets to put on their list. SKINCARE! I know, it might be a minor thing to add to your ‘to do’ list but as a makeup artist its one of the first things we discuss on your trial. 

For me, YOUR skin does half of my job! On your wedding day, you will always have that gorgeous Bride glow. The products you apply are the bonus to your radiance with your glow and natural beauty shining through. 

Here are my top secrets, my favourite recommendations for all of my beautiful brides to be. Its as easy as 1, 2, 3…Cleanse, tone and moisturise anything else is a bonus. 


Micellar Water

I always use a Micellar Water, the Garnier version is my number 1 go-to. I use it every morning to clean my face. I feel like it hydrates and gives that perfect clean shine before applying my skincare products. 


Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream

Just where to begin? This is a little pot of gold! It’s a personal favourite. I always like to recommend a product I have personally tried and tested. This is a great day moisturiser; light, has SPF and reduces fine lines. It’s an all-round winner for all skin types! It’s actually is a miracle!

Tropic Skincare

I love the ABC collection. I feel it is great for normal skin! The cleanser is super light and takes off all of your makeup, even waterproof products.

The toner is super refreshing, it sounds ridiculous, but it’s not too wet. It’s a lovely balance that doesn’t leave you feeling too sticky so even if you have very little time for a skincare routine before your makeup and before bed is perfect for this combo. The ingredients and smell of these products are divine. 

Not forgetting to moisturise, The skin feast is very lightweight and leaves your skin feeling incredible. No…I do not work or sell the products personally, I just love them! – They also do a skin mask that you can choose more personal to your preference! Perfect right! And even better that they come in a set, SO EASY!

The Ordinary Hyaluronic acid

This is AMAZING!! It’s just something else for those with dry skin. It hydrates and reduces the dryness instantly. I use this on a wedding morning to give that added bridal glow.


Vitamin E

This is the secret to a good moisturiser for dry skin too. Literally any product that boosts this will be the one for you. The Alpha-A H Vitamin E is a rich serum. It is not a moisturiser but it has the same benefits. It’s not thick and will not clog your pores; perfect for evening routines so your skin can still breathe whilst you sleep. For a cream, it always has to be Khiels Ultra Facial Cream. It’s written on the tin and it is actually great for all skin types.

Mario Bades CU Oil Moisturiser SPF17

Oily skin needs lots of moisture too. For best results always look for a water-based or oil-free products. Mario Bades CU Oil Moisturiser SPF17 even has SPF in for additional benefits. I double this up as a primer before my makeup, it’s super silky and absorbs into the skin instantly. SPF is great to protect your skin from the sun. This cream is super rich and definitely one to invest in. 


The Tea Tree Range by The Bodyshop

The Bodyshop has some great products for problem skin. Not only is it really affordable, but there’s not one piece of the range I don’t use for my clients. The mattifying lotion is great to use before makeup as a primer, it keeps your makeup on ALL DAY! Got a blemish, no problem! The Targeted gel hits the target and helps to tone down the colour before applying makeup, hey presto, goodbye blemish!

Rodial Dragons Blood Jelly Eye Patches

My puffy eyes and dark circles are the bane of my life but the Rodial Dragons Blood Jelly Eye Patches soothe puffiness, hydrate and smooth out the area. Teamed with Rodial Pink Diamond Lip and Eye Filler, dark circles literally disappear. Absolutely needed on the wedding morning when you’ve been up all night with excitement. It is perfect for lips too! I apply this before my lipstick for that added kissing power. 



Masks are so personal, I always think these should be used as a deep cleanse weekly/fortnightly. I am always drawn to those that hydrate and have lots of vitamins. Dr. Botanicals has a great range that offers so many different benefits. I also love anything with coconut in, it smells amazing, protects and heals the skin as well as having antimicrobial properties that fight all bacteria preventing breakouts, rosacea and dry areas. 


When to start?

I recommend starting a skin care routine at least 6 months before the wedding day, you do not want to leave it too late in case of any allergies, reactions or blemish outbreaks. Most definitely NO trying anything new the week of the wedding. It’s already an overwhelming time and you do not want to add any more stress! With your new-found skincare routine try some BB and CC Creams instead of foundation for the days you don’t need full glam. The Laura Mercier ones are my ultimate favourites. They are perfect!

When else would be the right time than in the lead up to your wedding to create a skin care routine?

Now go shopping you beautiful bride to be and get your skin wedding ready!


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