Guest Blog by Ice Entertainment: Our Top Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Suppliers

Tuesday, June 9th, 2020

Paul and Steven from Ice Entertainment share their top tips on choosing your wedding suppliers.

We are in an unprecedented situation, one that has never happened in our  lifetimes. The pandemic has been awfully close to home affecting us personally as well as the business.

At Ice Entertainment, we didn’t know that the people we work with would become more than colleagues. We’ve been reflecting on how they are in our lives every day, more than immediate family and at a time like this it becomes more apparent that their impact within daily life is bigger than we ever imagined.

We are sat here considering the future of the industry, discussing what we can do to maintain our place in the industry and to keep in touch with our customers both past, present and future. Whilst we brainstorm over Facetime and zoom, we are ensuring that we stay present on social media. 

What was apparent from the discussions is that we want to keep positive and put a positive into the situation. The most redeeming fact is that people will always fall in love even under the most stressful times and circumstances.

Love stories happen and have brought people together. From there they have their engagement, they organise each others milestone birthday parties, they work hard to build a life together, they get invited to other couples’ weddings and then set the date for their own big day.

People will always want to celebrate, they will never stop getting married and we must be grateful to be part of an industry that will never end.

If you’re planning your big day at the moment, here’s our top tips on choosing your wedding suppliers: 

Speak to your wedding coordinator and venue about their recommendations based on suppliers that they work with and trust. There is a good reason why a hotel/venue will work with them, consistency and reliability are two very important factors in planning.

Research the suppliers, browse their social media, look at their testimonials, are they frequently posting? This can be a good indication of how in demand they are.

Speak to the supplier, you are potentially employing someone to work alongside you, do they put you at ease? Someone who you feel comfortable with and knows what they are talking about from experience; elaborate websites can be bought but you can’t buy experience. 

Never be afraid to ask questions. Your supplier is there to help you and will be used to working with people, any doubts you have please ask. The less stressed you are, the fewer doubts you have and the better your whole wedding experience will be.

Do they hold the relevant certificates required? So many individual companies take short cuts and sadly this can be at your expense.

Say thank you! In a time where everyone is busy and under stress, if everything went well, show support for your suppliers by sharing a good review and recommending them to others.


Stay safe and stay well

Paul Atkinson & Steven Kynaston (with a combined experience of over 50 years within the wedding and events industry)


Paul, Steve & the ICE Entertainment UK Family

0845 475 1020



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