Guest Blog by Cheshire Bridal Wear: We’re Moving…

Tuesday, June 30th, 2020

Hear the latest update from the lovely team at Cheshire Bridal Wear…

So 2020 hasn’t quite been the year we all hoped it would be, I think it’s fair to say that the last six months have been a bit of an ordeal for all of us!

We started this year with heavy hearts as we took the decision to close our Goose Green shop in Altrincham, it was one of the most difficult decisions we’ve ever had to make but sadly we didn’t feel like we had another choice.

There were a number of competing issues we had to contend with but chief amongst them was the flooding. Since the renovation of Goose Green in 2016 we have experienced terrible trouble flooding during heavy rain. Every time we saw storms forecast our hearts sank as we would have to rush to put sandbags across the doors. It was pretty soul-destroying, and sadly each time we flooded it forced us to close the shop for a time so we could make repairs and re-fit.

Eventually, we had to say enough is enough, we received no help from local authorities and had no support from our landlord, combined with a change in atmosphere in Goose Green with new businesses coming in, something had to give.

One lovely part of our closing was that so many of our dresses found homes with some fabulous brides but still, it was so sad to say goodbye to a place where we’d made so many fantastic memories over the last 8 years. Then as we closed our doors, the whole country joined in with us! 

Corona Virus hit the UK like a wrecking ball and life changed for everybody, in amongst all this chaos we got to thinking about all those wonderful moments over the years and how in our heart of hearts we really didn’t want to give up on our dream, so it gives me great pleasure to announce that as of July 2020 Cheshire Bridal Wear is coming back!

We are opening up a brand new shop in the middle of Stockport’s historic old town! Our boutique will be offering the same high-quality gowns at unbeatable prices alongside an amazing collection of end of line dresses available on our outlet rail. 

We’re ready to show our brides that we haven’t lost sight of our passion and cant wait to meet more lovely brides and make fantastic new memories together! We are limited to one bride at any one time so be sure to phone ahead or email to book your appointment now!


Phone: 0161 927 9393





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