Gorgeous Groom

Lots of weddings have a gorgeous groom at centre stage, and they want to look their very best on their wedding day. There is more choice than ever before for the gorgeous groom in your life, so start to think about how he wants to look as well as planning your perfect wedding gown, fabulous flowers and delicious wedding cake.

Morning dress is not for everyone, so think of the other choices that are out there; with fabulous fabrics, meticulous tailoring and stunning linings he could have a truly bespoke outfit that he can wear again and again.

Even leaving aside the more considered purchase of a bespoke design, there are lots of options to look smart, on trend, classic or relaxed, as well as comfortable which is the most important thing. Just like some brides, some grooms will have body confidence issues whether it is flat feet, a pot belly or unruly hair and he will want to look his best on the big day so start weeding out those outfits that he just does not feel right about.

If you are the groom, don’t get swept away from the decision process, if you would never wear a tweed waistcoat or a flat cap ordinarily then why start on your wedding day, no matter how relaxed or rustic the theme is? There are still ways that you can complement your partner’s style without compromising your own, and you must like some of the same things or you would not be getting married to them, so don’t be afraid to have your say!

It is a myth that men don’t have much interest in fashion or shopping, they are as capable of drooling over a new outfit as anyone else, so talk to your groomsmen and see what ideas they have, check out the menswear in wedding magazines and fashion magazines, then impress your partner with your suggestions for how you will be the most gorgeous groom anyone has seen in a long while!