Goodbye to our Blogging Newlyweds!

Goodbye to our Blogging Newlyweds, Rebecca and James who have been sharing their plans with us and were married in March at Wrenbury Hall. From the proposal story to their honeymoon in stunning Thailand we have gained an insight in to how it all came together for their special day. In this, their last post, Rebecca shares some reflections since the wedding and some tips for other couples embarking on their own adventure…

IMG_7187[1]“After the wedding, I had a few days to reflect back on the whole experience and I wanted to share some tips/advice in the hope that it may be helpful to some of you.

1 – Spend some time together sharing your experiences and stories of the day of the wedding and the wedding itself. I loved hearing about how James’ morning went and seeing some of the photos he had taken in the morning.

2 – Don’t forget to budget and arrange for your wedding dress to be cleaned! I’ll hold my hands up and admit that this isn’t something I had arranged before the wedding but luckily, Terrington Burchett were really helpful in advising me the best way to go about having my dress and veil cleaned and preserved and fitted me in quickly.
Ladies, this is something that you definitely need to consider whether you’re selling your dress or not… I’ve heard a few horror stories about dresses turning mouldy very quickly!

3 – Slow down.  We were so lucky to have received our photographs and video within a couple of weeks of the wedding. However, we chose to spend time enjoying these ourselves and with friends and family before sharing them on any social media sites.

4- Think about paying it forward. We took some of our centrepieces to the local St Luke’s Hospice the day after the wedding, in the hope that our flowers could bring some happiness to others too.
We’ve also shared some other aspects of our wedding styling and décor with family and friends.

5 – Carve out some time together. Everyone gives engaged couples this advice and I can see why! It can be hard to find time to sit down and talk about the day or just take it all in as things can be so busy during your wedding day.
Luckily, James and I had agreed to find moments to sneak away and find a quiet corner throughout the day. This included some time alone straight after the ceremony and being taken for a little drive together before the meal.

6 – Accept that something might not go to plan. I completely forgot that we were putting flowers in the Bridesmaid’s hair so that didn’t happen, and I forgot to give my parent’s their wedding presents (which were all to be used during the day!).
I had already prepared myself that something might not go to plan and so I wasn’t stressed out when I remembered these things and was just grateful it wasn’t anything more serious!

It has been an honour to share our planning and wedding experiences with you all and I hope some of it has been useful.
Thank you for reading!

Mr and Mrs Kinnear