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Bronze Medal for Liverpool Based Ice Sculptors Glacial Art

At 15th International Ice Sculpting Festival Latvia.

  Returning from chilly temperatures from Jelgava Team Glacial Art are celebrating a  Bronze medal place from the 15th annual ice sculpting festival, Latvia (3rd – 10th February).  Liverpool born Matt Chaloner and Mat Foster competed against the world’s best 28  sculptors throughout this week-long event.


The theme of Planet Ice was interpretated in a variety of ways. Mat Foster was awarded a Bronze medal for his solo piece ‘Solar Rings’. He describes it as Eight Planets orbiting a Sun, with the Sun collapsing into a black hole, sucking all the life from the planets leaving hollow rings of frozen ice in their place’.







Standing over 2.5m tall, a take on the computer game Halo’s ‘Masterchief’ was carved for the team sculpture by, Chaloner and Foster, with  Attila Olah and Darren Jackson (Glacial Art Team 2) carving a magical ice-planet shell.



Glacial Art have represented the UK in the Latvian International Ice Sculpting Festival winning Gold, Silver and Bronze in previous years. Once again, they are delighted to be bringing a medal home for the UK.

Future events

Glacial Art have been commissioned by the Duke and Duchess of Bedford on the Woburn Abbey estate as part of the Luminaries Woburnensis event on the 16th February 2013. Taking a team of 6 Liverpool Based sculptors to Bedfordshire, Glacial Art will also be constructing a Fire Sculpture as part of this winter-based event. For more information go to:

07894 056398 or 07894 012769


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