How to get Your Wedding Day Glow: 10 Essential Pre-Wedding Skincare Tips

How to get Your Wedding Day Glow


Planning a wedding can be stressful and, for many, stress equals spots and breakouts. So how do you make sure your skin is looking flawless for your big day? Here’s our top tips…

How to get Your Wedding Day Glow

1. Start early

Don’t leave your skin regime to the last minute. In an ideal world, you should start around two months before your big day. This will give your skin enough time to adjust to new products and help avoid any nasty last-minute reactions!

2. Look after your skin from within

It’s surprising how much of your lifestyle can be reflected in your skin. Excessive alcohol, processed foods and a lack of exercise can all lead to nasty build-ups and skin complaints. Try to make time for a weekly workout, opt for green tea over coffee and think twice about excessive takeaways. If you can eat well and look after your body, your skin will naturally respond well.

3. Get your sleep in

Yes, when you have a million and one things to do in the weeks leading up to your wedding, getting a full eight hours’ sleep can seem impossible. However, if you want to avoid those dreaded dark undereye circles, getting your beauty sleep is a must.

Try to stick to a set bedtime in the weeks leading up to your big day so your body adjusts. If you need to be up by six, head to bed no later than 10pm. 

4. Plan your treatments well

Although microdermabrasion facials and intensive treatments can work an absolute treat, be sure to book them in more than two weeks before your wedding. This will help prevent any reactions from happening too close to your big day.

5. Use SPF

Whether it’s the middle of summer or not, the sun can damage your skin at any point during the year. Wearing SPF on a daily basis will help to reduce the effects it can have. If you are getting married abroad in a hot destination, be sure to top up the SPF to avoid any redness on your big day!

6. Drink plenty of water

Again, an obvious one but when you’re rushing round trying to do everything it’s easy to forget. Invest in a handy water bottle which you can take everywhere as a constant reminder to drink. This will help to flush your body of any toxins and ward off those dreaded pimples!

7. Exfoliate

According to skin expert, Cheryl Woodman, ‘gentleness 90% of the time and exfoliation 10% of the time (depending on your skin type)’ is a great habit for skin health. It helps to remove dead skin cells, keep spots at bay, reduce wrinkles and prevents pores from growing….need we say more?!

8. Steer clear of new products in the weeks before your wedding

Heard about a new miracle cleanser or skin cream? Whilst it might be highly recommended, it’s not worth risking it in the final few weeks leading up to your big day. New products can cause irritations, reactions and break-outs – the last thing you want is an unsightly skin rash.

9. Be strict with your makeup removal regime

If you’re a tad-half hearted when it comes to taking your makeup off before bed, it’s time to get serious. Try to remove it as soon as you get home from work to give your skin plenty of time to breathe. When removing, make sure your face is completely clean, leaving no hidden remnants of foundation or mascara. This will help to prevent those dreaded blackheads!

10. Finally…

Look after yourself both mentally and physically. It can be crazy at times when planning a wedding so it’s important you take time out every now and then to rest and de-stress. When the final few days leading up to your wedding arrive, get that beauty sleep in, drink plenty of water and you’ll naturally glow!