Matrimoni in Musica

Matrimoni in Musica
Matrimoni in Musica
If you wish the most exciting day of Your life accompanied by the magical and evocative sounds of an Harp, a Violin,
beautiful Voice or a String Quartet Matrimoni in Musica is exactly what you need. Our musicians offering a large and
sophisticated repertoire with absolute Class will accompany your Ceremony.
Our agency was created in the year 2000 on the initiative of the Venetian Soprano Sara Pretegiani who dreamed about
creating a group of highly qualified Artists who dedicate themselves to give concerts and events in Italy and in Europe.
Offered services
Matrimoni in Musica offers a wide selection of Artistic services for all kinds of Ceremonies and receptions offering
different musical compositions with solutions ready to satisfy your desires and preferences. Our staff is helpful, experienced
and professional for various compositions including :
 Guest reception with classical groups, jazz, swing, pop, funky, DJ sets
 For religious and civil Ceremonies, symbolic events with the accompaniment of Harp, Violin, String Quartet,
Organ, Soprano and many more
 Special Events in Venetian dress
 Folk and Medieval shows with ancient and Renaissance music
 Serenades to the engaged
Having a large group of musicians we’ll offer for every Marriage a wide range of formations from which You will choose the
one that best suits your needs.
Other services
Matrimoni in Musica in addition to the Artistic services for every type of event and circumstance we program and performs concerts, music tours and education.