Feel great look amazing

James parry is a specialist in womens’s weight loss and muscle tone. He tells us the benefits of being in shape for your big day.

It’s no surprise that exercise changes your body and helps you to become fitter and healthier. However did you know that exercise also has a beneficial effect on your body image, confidence, stress levels and skin?

Body Image

Exercise releases feel good chemicals called endorphins which promote feelings of calmness and happiness. So as well as seeing the results on the outside you get to feel good on the inside.


As a personal trainer I have seen the positive effects that exercise has on my clients. Women come to me hesitant and negative about their abilities and bodies. Within a few short weeks of training their self-esteem grows as they accomplish goals they never thought they were capable of.

Stress Levels

Exercise relieves stress and improves mood. Exercise is used by many in the medical community as a way to treat depression and anxiety in conjunction with therapies and medication. This is because exercise has been shown to increase levels of neurotransmitters like serotonin, a well known contributor to feelings of wellbeing.


Your skin benefits from improved circulation as more nutrients are delivered to skin cells and toxins are taken away faster. Exercise also regulates testosterone related hormones which can have a dramatic effect on spot prone skin.

So there you have it. You’ve set the date, bought the dress, booked the venue and organised the flowers and caterers. Why not invest a little time in yourself to reap the benefits of exercise that will last long after your big day?

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