How many people will see my advert?

Potentially 150,000 readers if we account for industry research which shows that each magazine will be read at least six times.

Does my advert have to be finished when I send it?

No, County Brides can help with the design. Send us your favourite images, logo, text and we can do the rest. County Brides can advise on the image criteria required to get a clear and professional advert. A proof will be sent for your approval before publication. Finished adverts – technical information will be provided in advance for your designer.

How can offering a competition in the magazine help?

This gives you more exposure and instant leads.  Competitions are promoted in the magazine usually alongside your advert with clear instructions on how to enter.  Entry is through the County Brides website, the entree  completes their details and  immediately an email notification is sent direct to your chosen email address – giving you instant access to potential leads for your business. The winner is drawn by the client not County Brides.

What about special offer and discounts?

The magazine is an annual publication so cannot promote short term offers, however, we have an area on the website that our advertisers can utilise to promote any special promotions. County Brides will also support the advertiser with social media marketing of any such promotion.

Can we submit a real life wedding feature?

Yes but  these features are limited within the magazine and are available at the discretion of the editor. Maximum number of words 1200, no more than 10 images and one video.

What is the Brides’ Gallery?

Local brides can have one wedding photograph featured in the gallery. This gives photographers an additional chance to promote their work. Photographers with adverts in the magazine are given first refusal on having an image published in the gallery.

Can we submit an editorial piece?

The magazine is an annual publication, the editor can offer an advertorial feature. As an advertiser in the magazine you can submit monthly editorials and write ups for our blog. This allows you to give expert advice directly to you target audience and it can also help with SEO for your website.

Are there any other opportunities available through County Brides?

As an advertiser in the magazine you can also utilise our website with a listing in the directory. This is where brides will be searching for suppliers and we heavily invest in the website to ensure we deliver an increasing traffic of targeted brides year on year.