Facts about Toastmasters


Facts about using a Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies.



Q1: How would you choose a toastmaster?

You would speak to them.  You will know within 60 seconds if this is the person to be the toastmaster and MC at your special event.

Q2: Are there toastmaster qualifications or membership organisations that I should look for?

Absolutely!  Please make sure that whoever you employ has been trained by one of the prestigious and highly regarded organisations such as the Northern Guild of Toastmasters or the National Association of Toastmasters.  But remember, toastmasters are individuals.  Speak to your choices to see who will best suit you, your personality and your event.  You only get one chance to get it right!

Q3: Why engage a toastmaster?

To most people attending any function, the only visible signs of a toastmaster’s presence are the relatively few announcements he makes.  That concept of a toastmaster is, however, completely misleading.  A toastmaster is an expert in procedure and etiquette, who adds dignity as well as presence to each and every occasion.  Professionally trained and qualified toastmasters are increasingly used at conferences and company presentations.  This is because they have a combination of tact, diplomacy and management skills, which are necessary for the smooth running of events that often involve large numbers of people.

A toastmaster works in close liaison with his client to ensure the effective overall management of every type of event, which calls for any degree of formality.  He possesses a high degree of sensitivity and empathy, together with breadth and depth of knowledge of protocol and event organisation.  Ninety percent of a toastmaster’s activity is never seen by the majority of people attending a function.  His discreet and unobtrusive attention to detail and close liaison throughout an event ensure that it flows, apparently quite effortlessly, to the successful conclusion, which is the client’s aim and wish.

Using a professional toastmaster ensures the following:

  • The client/organiser is freed from anxiety and able to enjoy the event.
  • The venue management is allowed to concentrate on and fine-tune the delivery of their own tasks.
  • The client can be confident that the responsibility for detailed co-ordination can be reliably delegated.
    • The client will have sound, professional advice and consultancy, which is truly independent of the venue, on all aspects of the event.
    • The event will be conducted not only with due authority and dignity, but also with the necessary lightness of touch to ensure all round enjoyment for everyone.
    • The client is assured of the extra “touch of class” and style that will make the occasion truly memorable.
    • The guests will have a readily identifiable source of information and assistance.

Q4. Why do we need a toastmaster? Isn’t that the best man’s job? 
The best man is there because he is the bridegroom’s best friend.  The bridegroom has honoured him by inviting him to fulfil the best man’s role and wants him to fully participate in and enjoy the big day.  The best man has not been chosen because of his organisational skills, his experience in looking after the needs of the wedding party or his knowledge and experience of the hospitality business.  He is a friend; treat him as one by not placing the onerous responsibility of ensuring the smooth running of the big day on his inexperienced shoulders.

Q5.  Are toastmasters expensive; we have spoken to people who have offered to do it for less?
The toastmaster business is not licensed in any way; anyone can buy a red coat and set up business as a toastmaster.  Such an individual could be good, bad or indifferent.  It is an old adage that you get what you pay for.  By engaging me, you can rest assured safe in the knowledge that I have:

  • been expertly trained and examined by the National Association of Toastmasters and the Northern Guild of Toastmasters.
  • been professionally examined in both theory and practical ability by highly experienced and qualified toastmasters.
  • officiated successfully at events in a range of cultures.
    • received numerous letters of recommendation from satisfied clients, which are available for inspection.

Q6: I’ve decided to engage a professional toastmaster and now you have told me that you are already engaged that day; where do I go now?

We have access to all the other members of our Guild and National Association and details of their availability for months ahead.  If I am not available for any reason on the date of your wedding, I will help find you a professionally trained and qualified toastmaster who is available and put him in touch with you.

Q7: How much will it cost?

This depends upon a number of factors: the pre-event planning requirements; the amount of time we are needed at the event; the distances involved; the complexity of the event; the numbers attending – to name but a few.  Unlike material goods, where the maxim “if you buy cheap, you buy twice” can be applied to resolve a problem purchase, there is no going back for a second chance opportunity if a lacklustre toastmaster/MC has officiated at your one-off special event – by then it is too late!  To receive a quote, simply give us a call or e-mail us.



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