Fabulous Wedding Stationery

VWI1-e1435134069783-555x555In the latest post about fabulous wedding stationery we have advice from the experts at Scarlett’s Kisses about the range of options available and how to calculate your costings.

The range of stationery that is usually used includes

  • Save the Date Cards
  • Wedding invitations
  • Evening invitations
  • Menus
    • These can be traditional as a small booklet and one per table. The top table usually has more. One for the Bride & Groom and others for the top table guests.
    • If guests have pre-ordered their meals weeks before, it is doubtful that they will remember exactly what they ordered. Combining the place card with their own individual menu choices is a great idea
  • Place cards
  • Order of Services
    • Especially for church weddings. However getting the information for the order of service from the priest/vicar can be difficult and sometimes last minute.
  • VSD1-e1435133776144-555x555RSVP’s
    • If you want guests to mail back their reply cards, include a stamped (and addressed) envelope. You will have more success. Traditionally, the return envelopes should be addressed to whoever is hosting the wedding; however, if your parents are technically hosting, but you’re keeping track of the guest list, you can use your address instead.
  • Table Numbers
  • Table plans
  • Thank you cards
    • Keep a guest list as a spreadsheet or word document. Include a column where you can note what each guest gives you. Then, as you receive a wedding gifts make a note. This helps to remember what you got from whom.

It is a good idea to use the same stationer for all of the items you require, as this may save you money and time. It’s also a good way to ensure all your stationery has a coordinated look, even if you want to vary the design slightly for each piece of stationery.

Consider Costs

The price per invitation can vary widely, anywhere from £1 upwards. It all depends on the design complexity, the materials used and the quantity you require.

Invitations purchased on line, especially if they are cheap, can be very disappointing when they arrive. The card can be very flimsy and the design and colours not how you envisaged them. We suggest you look for no less than 280gsm card (a measure of card thickness) and get a sample before buying. It’s important to research your options ahead of time, so you can pick your priorities, whether it’s sophisticated bespoke design or something more simple.

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