A Dream Themed Wedding

Themed weddings can make people either jump around with joy or… hang their heads in despair.

The aim…to make option two people eat their words.

But how do you go about setting a themed wedding that fits the budget, looks great and is what you want for your special day. A wonderful couple asked me to photograph their wedding day earlier this year. They went for it and had a Disney themed wedding.

Now I am option one and was totally over the moon at the thought, to the point where I was singing a whole new world on the way home from our meeting…anyway.

The bride Laura had been collecting Disney memorabilia pretty much her whole life and used her fabulous ornaments and trinkets as her center pieces and it worked so well. Each table was a different Disney movie, the cake topper was simple but perfect. There were subtle Disney reminders all over but nothing was in your face. Everything came together and it was stunning, all of their hard work definitely paid off.

Question is…What would your theme be if you were to have a themed wedding? and would you go OTT or subtle?

I’m on the hunt for Halloween wedding peeps…just saying haha

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