Diamonds in Cheshire hit the spot for Cheshire Brides

There is dazzle of a diamonds in Cheshire and the dazzle has never been stronger for Cheshire brides-to-be.

According to Cheshire jeweller and Goldsmith, Christopher Evans, the demand for diamonds is growing.

Brides and grooms are opting to have bespoke wedding rings made with diamonds featuring just as heavily in the wedding rings, as they’ve always done in the traditional single solitaire engagement ring.

So what’s the rising attraction of diamonds?

“They’re a great investment,” says Chris. “While stocks and shares can tumble overnight, diamonds will always be a great way to invest. They’re value can go up and down, too but they’ll always remain a good buy in an unstable market.”

But more than that, says Chris, they’re personal and have great sentimental value.

Something Old…
“We’ve had brides come in with their mothers’ and grandmothers’ engagement rings which they’ve wanted to then use as part of their own wedding ring. It’s a brilliant way to keep your nearest and dearest close to you on your wedding day.”

ring 1
Christopher Evans’ goldsmiths can craft a bespoke wedding ring set that’s unique to you

Something Blue…
Internationally, too, diamonds are high profile This month, the Graff Vivid Yellow diamond was sold for more than £9.6 million – a world auction record for a yellow diamond and for a Graff diamond, according to Sotheby’s auction house.

While the largest flawless vivid blue diamond in the – The Blue at 13.22 carats was sold by auction house Christie’s for £14.1 million.

The 100-carat Graff Vivid Yellow diamond was bought by a private buyer for £9.6 million at auction in May.

Outsize diamonds are also featuring heavily on the hands of celebrities recently. Formula 1 racing driver Jensen Button proposed with a white gold teardrop diamond engagement ring to Jessica Michibata. While Kim Kardashian showed off her enormous, 15-carat rock from Kanye West after the pair got engaged last autumn.

“The lure of a diamond can be hard to resist,” says Christopher Evans, “but it’s not difficult to see why.

“Our customers have certainly picked up on the current trends and recognise that having their own bespoke, hand-crafted wedding ring is a unique way to say ‘I do’. We’ve also had some unique commission from grooms who are recognising that the wedding is as much about their day as it is their brides.”

The groom’s Roman Numeral wedding ring can be hand-embossed with your wedding date.

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