County brides EShoot Blog November

Hi I’m Julie a Wedding Photographer based in Edenfield Lancashire. My blog today will hopefully enlighten you regards E-shoots and Pre wedding photo shoots. Happy Reading

What are they?

E-shoots, Pre Shoots, Engagement shoots or Love shoots all different names for the same thing, a loving photo-shoot of you both before your big day.

Why have one?

Well they are good for so many reasons. Firstly most people are a little camera shy, so your shoot will help banish all those camera fears. It’s also a great opportunity for my couples and I to bond, getting to know each other a little better before the big day.

It’s also brilliant opportunity to just have some fun photos in your casual gear. Lots of couples use them for their Save the Dates or the invites. Lots of couples have a few photos in small frames at their wedding on the gift table, which is always lovely to see!


Top 5 Photo Fears…


Some people love their smile and others are afraid to show their teeth or hate their features when smiling. Well you will see that with a smile the whole face lights up. Eyes glow and you look much more natural.

How to Stand

Get tips on standing to get the most flattering effect for your shape. Of course I will be guiding you on the big day but it also helps to see them I advance so can feel completely at ease with your poses on the day

Best Side

Not all, but some of us have a preferred side. So this shoot gives you a chance to find out which is yours. Maybe you already know but would like the chance to play around each side and make you mind up.


I LOVE it when my couples have a good laugh on their photos!. Again like the smiling some people have a hang up with laughing on photos, but this is when you at your most natural. I always do a mixture of shots so you get all expressions, but go on have a laugh you will love it too. Will tell you all my best jokes !!:))


Your posture is important and really helps you look slimmer and more attractive. Again it something that I remind couples of on the big day, but having a practice during your photo shoot you will be an expert.

Can we bring our children or dogs?

Yes you can! If you already have children and you would like them to get involved please feel free to bring them along. Lots of my couples babies are their pets, so have taken may a doggie for walk during a shoot.

Where do we have the Photoshoot?

We can use your venue if I have never photographed there before which is a great way planning locations for the big day. Another option is a local location that has a special meaning for you or there are a few great countryside spots that I know well close to my home in Edenfield that always photograph well no matter what time of year.


Hopefully now you are excited about booking your Eshoot!!, go on book one you will be so glad you did.