Coloured Wedding Dresses








Coloured wedding dresses were a common sight before Queen Victoria opted to wear a white dress when she got married and changed popular thinking for years to come. If you want to have a white wedding dress, don’t be persuaded from your choice, but it is best to visit bridal boutiques with an open mind as you might find a more subtle shade such as blush, oyster or ivory works better with your particular skin tone and colouring.










If you are looking for something completely different you might consider a floral wedding dress, a bold colour or one that has coloured details such as underskirts, sashes or beading. You could even have a dress dyed to a particular shade or handmade in a range of coloured fabrics for a truly unique look. Those brides who favour a period look could choose a strong colour or period style to fit in with the scheme. If you aren’t brave enough for a bright colour consider a lovely blush shade or sugar pink, or one of the Pantone colours of the year, rose quartz.









If white is the only colour for you there are plenty of ways to add a pop of colour in to the scheme through your accessories or floral arrangements. Chances are that your partner may not be wearing white so there are opportunities for a subtle contrast with a pale grey suit or a more noticeable contrast with a navy suit. If your partner will also be wearing a wedding gown consider having dresses that are similar in style; this can look beautiful in photographs as the dresses will mirror each other. Choose the wedding dress that makes you feel fantastic and look amazing and you can add in a rainbow of coloured bridesmaid’s dresses to complement the look perfectly.