Colour Themes

Wedding BReakfast Tiffany BlueDo you have a colour theme for your wedding? It might sound a bit matchy-matchy but it is a good way to tie all of the elements of the day together, unless you are going for a more quirky and eclectic look. Colour themes can have an impact on how we feel about a space and can make a dramatic difference when dressing a venue. Bright bold colours can be used to great effect to create a dramatic backdrop to an event, while muted pastels, shades of cream and silver can lend an ethereal fairy tale feel to a setting. Look at the features of your venue and see what sort of colour themes might be a good contrast or accentuate what is the room. If your ceremony room looks out over gardens you can bring the outdoors indoors by B&W Wedding Breakfastchoosing natural colours, shades of green or something that picks out the colours of shrubs or flowers outside. Consider using similar flowers inside the venue, at the end of rows of seats, as table centres or simply to dress the room.

Gilt banqueting chairs are a popular choice for weddings as they always look smart, can be hired easily and come in a choice of finishes, but lots of couples opt for chair covers in a plain ivory or white and sashes of some description which can be styled in a number of different ways depending on how they are HERVE PHOTO white and pink decortied. Each table could have different sashes to blend with the colour theme or be tied in a different way as an aid to the seating plan, a whole table with blue sashes is easier to pick out than a place card or a stand with a table number, particularly if you are having a large wedding and need to seat lots of guests.

Different colours can give a different look in the same space, so choose your colour theme with this in mind and you should be able to create the perfect setting for your special day.

Photographs used by courtesy of The Isla Gladstone Conservatory

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