Church Lane Dental, Smiles matter

We are a family run dental clinic in a prime location with access to Liverpool, Manchester, Warrington & Chester. Our friendly dental clinic is run by husband-and-wife Drs Geoff and Louise Askins. Our highly-trained staffs include associate dentist Dr Matthew Morris, two dental therapists, implantologist Dr Liam McGrath, a business development manager Mrs Julie Lewis, highly trained nurses and a Managing Director Mrs Catherine Turner. Our team will spend the time to make you feel relaxed and at ease throughout your visit as we are a practice where smiles matter.
We provide a wide range of high quality cosmetic dental treatment with excellent care for all our clients.
Our clinic offer treatments including:
Smile makeovers – Can transform your smile and self-confidence. They are one of the most popular procedures in dentistry right now. We can restore, reshape and replace your teeth, whiten and straighten them giving you that perfect smile for your perfect day.
Dental Implants – are an increasingly popular alternative to dentures and bridges, giving a permanent, natural-looking and firm solution to gaps left by missing teeth. Secure and comfortable, they can last a lifetime with the correct care. And you can look forward to a life changing decision that turns your frown upside down.
Teeth whitening – Is a very easy way to make you appear younger, help improve your smile and boost your confidence with minimal time and effort.
6 month smile – We offer an excellent type of orthodontic treatment to straighten, align and reposition your teeth, giving you the smile you’ve always wanted within 6 months.

Church lane dental

I’m 110% happy with my new teeth! I never thought it was possible to have such a perfect smile. The comments I’ve had have been amazing – it’s done my confidence the world of good!’
Aileen Carine
I’ve never been a huge fan of dentists – mainly because when I was growing up I had some shoddy work done, and my smile was nothing to smile about! The amazing team at Church Lane Dental Practice has completely changed my life. I regularly travel up from London to have any dental work done, as service is fantastic and the team is extremely friendly and professional. Church Lane gave me my smile back. Highly recommended!
Thomas Wilkinson
If you would like to book in for your free no obligation consultation can you please contact Julie on 01942 726 494 or via twitter @ChurchLnDental or facebook