Choosing Your Wedding Rings

In a world of ever increasing choices and options available on most products these days, choosing wedding rings can be no exception, with a choice not only of metals to consider but widths, profiles, styles, finishes, diamond settings or even a combination of most of the above! Here’s our guide to helping you decide!




HENRY D JOHNSTONE - BLACK DIAMOND WEDDING RINGSChoose your Metal –  In the Brides case this is often decided by the engagement ring as it should be made from the same metal. The Groom may prefer to either compliment or contrast the Brides choice, Materials available are Gold, Platinum, Palladium, Titanium, or even a combination of metals.   White metals and rose gold are very popular at the moment, chosen by both the bride and groom alike.

Choose your band profile –  There are various options, these can be anything from the D -Shape, classic court shaped band through to a flatter shaped court band. The key thing for the Bride to bear in mind is how the band sits with the engagement ring as if it doesn’t sit flush it may need to be tailored to fit, using our bespoke service.


Select the width of the band –  Aesthetically you usually know which width looks more pleasing to your eye and compliments your hand. Depending on the hand and the style of engagement ring, this can determine the suitable width. 2mm – 4mm is most popular with Brides at the moment with most Grooms opting for a 4mm-6mm band.

Choose your detail – This can often be the hardest element to choose, as there are so many styles out there! For Diamond set rings, then consider taking inspiration from your engagement ring, as this usually means that both rings complement each other perfectly. Popular options are channel, grain or claw settings. For the groom this could be a choice of finishes on the surface of the ring, such as matt and polished or a combination of diamond cut grooves/ textures on the band, even a simple diamond setting. carbon fibre or titanium are popular current trends too.


Consider a bespoke service tailored around your needs – If you like certain elements of one ring and the style of another ring you’ve seen but are looking for something a little more unique then choose a bespoke service. Our specialists will discuss your ideas with you and after this consultation will take the inspiration and transform it into a series of designs or even a wax model, to create something uniquely yours.

Add a finishing touch with personalised engraving – we can engrave a truly memorable message inside each wedding band, with a choice of hand or machine engraving at our disposal. The message should be something personal to you both, often both of your names and the wedding date (useful as a reminder for the groom on your first anniversary!)  Or even a unique phrase that is special to you both, the choice is yours.

This is a guest post by Henry D Johnstone Jewellers

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