Choosing a Venue Dresser

How your venue is decorated by your venue dresser can make all the difference to the atmosphere and the look that you want to create. Lots of venues will have recommended suppliers that they work with who know the venue well and are able to get the best out of it. They will have the insider knowledge of how the light falls in the room, what sorts of features will fit in, time required to set everything up and/or turn the room around for the evening and how different styles will come together in the space. If your venue does not have a recommended supplier here are our top tips and questions to ask when choosing a venue dresser yourselves.

top table

  1. Visit wedding fayres / shows. Venue dressers will often be attending and can show you examples of rooms they have decorated, they usually have some of their best feature items and props decorating their own space at the fayre so you can see the exact sizes.
  2. Chat to the venue dressers and make an appointment to meet with them as lots will have design showrooms or displays set up elsewhere with a lot more things that they can bring to a wedding fayre, so you can see if their style fits in with the design you have in mind. See if they are easy to talk to, it will be much easier to ask for changes to a design if you have a rapport with the venue dresser.
  3. Ask if they offer a range of services such as lighting, co-ordinated linens, chair coverings, bows and sashes, drapes or starlit backdrops, props, table centres, floral arrangements and so on. Can they source an item for you if they do not have exactly what you are looking for?
  4. Are they insured?
  5. If they have they worked with your venue before ask to see some photos of what they used to dress the space.
  6. Are they very well established?
  7. Do they have referral letters, testimonials or thank you cards on display?
  8. Have they been featured in any wedding publications?
  9. Visit their websites to look at more ideas and see if they have something that sets them apart from other venue dressers.
  10. Follow them on social media before making a booking as they will often post details of offers, events they are attending, competitions, or special packages.
  11. What are the terms of the booking and cancellation policies, particularly if you are ordering additional services or items that you want to see first.
  12. Do they have up to date safety certificates, particularly if they are setting any lighting features up for you.