Choosing a Gift List

wedding signResearch into the wedding gift list has shown that guests like to be guided on their gift for the happy couple, so the benefits of having a dedicated gift list are clear.

Your guests can be sure that you will love whatever they choose and you won’t get any duplicate gifts; they can choose according to their budget if you have a range of price points on your list; it enables you to have contributions to something that you might never be able to afford, or to raise money for a charity that is close to your heart.

Look for a gift list that offers you different options that can be combined in to your perfect list, perhaps one that sources items for the gift list from multiple retailers and brands or a big high street name that you know and trust who you can register your gift list with. Think about what sorts of gifts you would like to receive and whether you need honeymoon vouchers or cash to be included in your options. Give guests plenty of choice so that they feel they have chosen something personal or quite indulgent. Ensure that you send out information about your gift list well ahead of time so that people can consider what they want to get. If you choose not to have a formal gift list you could include a short verse with the invitations to let guests known whether vouchers, cash, charitable donations are what you prefer, or whether you would just like then to be part of your special day with no expectation of  a present. Guidance on colours that you like could be useful for guests who might not know your personal tastes as well as a range of price points and information on how their gift will be delivered so they know you have received it.

Make sure that you have organised Thank You’s for all your guests, regardless of whether they have given you a gift or not, and perhaps include a note about their particular gift or a photo from the honeymoon if they have given vouchers. Courtesy costs nothing and everyone will be delighted to hear about your start to married life.