Choosing a Caterer for your Wedding Day

Monochrome seating plan and menu

Monochrome seating plan and menu

Choosing the right caterer is important as part of the experience of your wedding day is the food that you will share with your guests. When booking a caterer for your wedding it pays to do some preparation beforehand and there are key questions that you should ask to make sure that everything goes to plan. They should be happy to answer any questions and help you to design your ideal menu so have a list of your favourite dishes handy and make sure you let them know if there are any ingredients you don’t like – the last thing you want at your wedding breakfast is something served up with a hated vegetable or sauce!

Check if any of your guests are vegetarian, vegan, diabetic or have any other special dietary requirements; a good caterer should be able to accommodate any special requests

If you prefer to have organic produce or meat ask where the company sources its ingredients, ask if they support local businesses if that is important to you

Some caterers will offer quite a fixed range as they purchase in bulk or mass produce their range so it can be problematic if you need to make changes to your menu; how flexible are they?

Check if there is any protection against price increases after you have confirmed your menu and paid the deposit – you may be booking months and months ahead of your wedding date so you want to ensure that your chosen dishes can still be made even if the ingredients have increased in price or become difficult to source

Ask questions about the types of foods that the company offer, so that you can design a menu around your particular tastes. Perhaps you would like them to re-create a special dish for you and your partner for the wedding breakfast, or a taster menu for guests connected to your honeymoon destination

Ask to arrange a tasting session from some of their most popular menus so that you can see the quality of the food and service – this will also give you a little preview of your wedding day if you opt for those dishes for your event, so that is another little thing to look forward to.