Cheshire Woodland Weddings: Planning an outdoor wedding in 2024? Here’s all you need to know for your big day…

Monday, January 8th, 2024

Let us set the scene here at Cheshire Woodland Weddings… The days are getting longer, the excitement of the holiday period is wearing off and suddenly you realise it’s the year of your wedding! Questions are flying around in your head – flats or heels? Plan B options? How am I going to keep my guests dry if it rains? … 

Well don’t worry – our wedding coordinator Ebony has come up with 10 simple ways to make sure your outdoor wedding is a massive success! 


Keep guests dry

Okay so I thought I would start with the big one – rain. You’ve spent all morning getting ready and no one wants their hair or outfit ruined by a little drizzle so how do you avoid this for yourself and your guests? 

Firstly, speak to your venue. Most outdoor venues will have plans in place for rainy days. For example, at Cheshire Woodland Weddings we have big parasols which keep up to 80 of your guest’s bone dry during your ceremony. On top of the venue’s plans you can provide umbrellas (don’t forget lavish ones for the bridal party) and even a basket of towels for the bathrooms. Finally, talk to your hair and makeup artist for the most rain proof styles.

As Katy Perry once said ‘you’re Hot then your cold’

While we’re on the topic, weather is uncontrollable. The decoration? The food? The entertainment? That’s all you. but the weather has a mind of its own. 

For hot weather why not provide a basket of fans and some bug spray. For cold weather replace this with a basket of blankets and make sure teas/ coffees are available. 

Be fun givers!

Activities are a must for outdoor weddings. Think festival vibes and fun days. If you have kids attending, try lawn games and set up play areas. And don’t forget always ask your venue what’s included as you may be surprised by the options available… for more info regarding our falconry and activities head to our website.  

Take note of the terrain

Is your venue on grass? In a woodland? On pathways. Make sure to provide heel protectors if there’s a likely chance of heels sinking into the floor. 

Vicky Dubois Wedding Photography


Go with the season

Flowers that are in season. Yes please! A festive menu. Yes please! Hot or cold reception drink depending on the weather. Yes please! Tying in all these things makes for a smooth seasonal theme for your wedding. Subtle but elegant. 

Go with the flow

When looking at decoration. Go to your venue in the month you are getting married the year before. Look at the colours and surroundings and match your décor to this. If you are getting married in a woodland a rustic theme with green bridesmaids’ dresses looks divine. And why not put place names on leaves…The possibilities are endless. 

Make sure its accessible for all your guests

Bench seating? Take note of any guests who would need a chair with a back. Most venues would have reserves for this but if not you will need to hire them in. 


Lighting is an amazing way to add atmosphere and that ‘twilight’ feeling to your wedding.  If you are on a tight budget fairy lights do the trick perfectly. And why not add sparklers to end the evening on a high? 

Can your fury friend attend

If you would like your fury best friend to be your ring bearer most outdoor venues will allow this so make sure you ask! 

Embrace Nature

Saving the most important point till last. As mentioned, the elements are uncontrollable but how you react is. Embrace the weather – kiss and dance in the rain. Have fun with it and relax on your big day. No matter what happens your wedding coordinators will make your day perfect. 

Author: Ebony Wedding coordinator 


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