The Cheshire Wedding House on TV!



If anyone was watching Channel 4 on 6th January

The wedding housethey would have seen The Cheshire Wedding House on ‘Weighing up the enemy’.

The Cheshire Wedding House comprises of three businesses – The Cheshire Wedding Company, Orchard Designs and Heatons Cakes. It was wonderful to see shots that showcased each of these businesses!

It seems such a long time ago since they came to film in the shop, but it was a real eye opener to ‘behind the scenes’!

Many of you will be aware that we moved into these fantastic premises in October and had a wonderful Opening Night where Louis from the Bake Off lent his support and came to cut the ribbon for us! That night was amazing and we had so many people come through the door to see what we had done.

But before that night we had a brilliant team of builders, electricians, plumbers, painters and decorators changing the building from abandoned offices into a beautiful Bridal Boutique! It was through one of these decorators that Channel 4 heard about our fantastic premises and asked if they could use it as a back drop for filming a bride who was determined to lose weight before the big day – of course we said yes!

Well, it was a very interesting Saturday, trying to find places for the multitude of equipment, making hundreds of cuppas and darting ‘out of shot’ all day. (Alison and I were delighted to have the business on show but definitely did not want to see ourselves on the telly!) But we managed and our wonderful customers were very understanding and I think enjoyed the experience too! We even got to have a photo with Dr Christian himself – who was very kind and did not mention anything about my embarrassing body!

So, what have I learnt from this experience? Well, always answer your phone, even if it rings just as you are closing up! And when someone asks if they can do a film shoot in your premises – always say yes!