Cherish Bridal on Choosing Your Wedding Gown


Listen to your heart when choosing your wedding gown; I’ve been in the industry over 14 years now and there is a scenario which happens time and time again which I’d like share. It is an emotive subject and just recently I have had two brides in this situation, hence this blog post for you!

Bringing family or friends with you to an appointment where you hope to choose your perfect gown can make or break your choice for your special day and affect your whole experience. There, I’ve said it and I know that it is a sensitive issue but from our point of view as experienced bridal retailers it can be distressing to see brides whose appointments don’t go the way they imagined.

I have said to many of my brides to be (both in the changing room and out of it!) that it is their choice as it is their day, but lots of brides also want their choice to be validated by a family member or friend. I can understand that, but can also guarantee that NOT 100% of your family or guests will like your choice of wedding gown; we all have different tastes and it wouldn’t do if we all liked the same things would it? It is difficult to strike a balance between pleasing people who are important to you and having the gown you want, even with our expert help it sometimes can’t be done, so why miss out on the gown YOU love?

I know that mums, family members and friends want the bride to look stunning and feel fabulous in her dress, and of course they should be truthful, but they should also think about how they voice their opinion, choosing their words carefully and taking their cue from the bride herself, asking her how she feels about the gown, rather than telling her what they may think about it! She will appreciate that her family and friends care about her choice and are happy to share in her journey to finding ‘the one’. It is different for every bride, some are very emotional, but not everyone will cry; it doesn’t mean that the dress isn’t right for them, it is a personal experience and there is no right or wrong way to feel.

Listen to your heart, not your mother!

A good wedding-dress retailer will zone in on what a bride wants, not her mother or aunt or anyone else. I’ve had brides in tears many times because someone has dismissed a dress she likes, and as shop owner or assistant we can’t intervene beyond whispering support in the bride’s ear and reminding them that it is their special day and how they feel about a particular wedding gown is the most important thing. Add in to the mix a busy, small or crowded boutique and it is stressful enough without a critical aunt for company! I can recommend shopping alone for the first appointment as you will have the assistant’s undivided attention and they can find out what you really like, and you won’t have to listen to any criticism when having a bit of fun trying a wedding gown in a style that your mother may not approve of!

If you do bring along an entourage, make sure they’re there to support you and can be positive as well as truthful; they have to remember that it is your choice and not theirs at the end of the day. It is great to have a second opinion from someone you trust but my best piece of advice to give at an appointment is “You will get many opinions, including mine, but YOURS is the one that counts the most”


This is a guest post by Tracy Hollinshead, Proprietor, Cherish Bridal   Tel 01606 351900