Catherine Bobby on wedding hair and make up

Why choose a make-up artist for your wedding day?

There are so many things to consider when preparing for your wedding day, and here at Catherine Bobby’s we would consider having a professional make-up artist to be a priority (a little biased I know)

The memory of your day is going to be captured in your photographs or video. So to look your best, make-up is a must. There is a skill to applying make-up for photography/video, it can be used to enhance your features. Wearing a block of colour, such as ivory or white, will drain you of colour, so your dress becomes the focus point of the picture. However, no matter how beautiful it is I can assure you your partner will want to see you. The make-up application should work indoors, outside and through into the evening without you having to touch it up. The only products you should need for the day are your lipstick or gloss, to reapply after you have eaten, and a powder compact just in case you get a little hot. This will reduce your shine for those that party hard.

Below is sample of a before and after photograph showing you what a difference it can make having your hair and make-up done by Catherine Bobby professional hair and make up artist.

 by Catherine Bobby on wedding hair and make up.

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