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Q For our evening wedding I would really like to ensure I look bright-eyed and glowing in our wedding photos. I’m concerned about the lighting at this time of day and I’m not used to wearing a lot of make-up; what subtle make-up techniques do you suggest to make my features stand out?

For an evening wedding make-up I would use the same principles as a daytime wedding.  You do not want the make-up you are wearing to hide your features you need to define your features then in years from now the only tangible thing you will have are the photographs of you on your wedding day.


After you have applied your foundation make sure you use a translucent powder depending on how hot you get, either you use a light covering with a brush or set your foundation using a powder puff and press the translucent powder securely into the foundation.

For an evening wedding make-up add some sparkle and shine. If you use a mixture of matt and sparkle eye shadows you will get a stronger affect without loads of make-up.

The sparkle and shine needs to be added to the brow bone and the inner corner of the eye and the darker or mid tones added to the outer corners and lash line and blend well so there are no hard lines.

When choosing blush and lip colour make sure they are not over powering, you can add a little highlight on the cheek bone and by adding gloss to the lips this will ensure a lovely fresh evening look.


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