Wedding Article


THE HISTORY OF WEDDINGS……… The history of weddings is very interesting Wedding party history plays a big part in the roles of the #bride’s attendants and groomsmen in modern day weddings. In most cases, the #bridal party doesn’t realize that this custom was initiated with the #groomsmen and not the bride’s attendants. Keep reading for more […]

Wedding Registry

                Most couples will consider setting up a wedding registry for their gifts, but it can be hard to decide what to include, especially if you already have a home together. It is acceptable these days to ask for gift vouchers or contributions towards your honeymoon, but it […]

Put it on the Wedding List

“Put it on the wedding list” is probably a phrase you have heard more than once if you are planning your special day and we love a good list at County Brides! A list is a great way to start planning your wedding and we don’t just mean when it’s time to draw up the […]

Guys and Weddings

What does the modern guy want from his wedding these days? Apart from someone to share the day with of course! He might be fulfilling the dream of finding Ms or Mr Right, want a great excuse for catching up with all his mates from Uni at a weekend stag do, be longing to have […]

A View From The Other Side!

A view from the other side might sound like something from a sci-fi movie, but we work with loads of fabulous businesses at County Brides and we meet lots of engaged couples so it is great to bring you a post from a couple who we work with about their own wedding day and pass […]

Choosing a Gift List

Research into the wedding gift list has shown that guests like to be guided on their gift for the happy couple, so the benefits of having a dedicated gift list are clear. Your guests can be sure that you will love whatever they choose and you won’t get any duplicate gifts; they can choose according […]

Beautiful Bridesmaids

Most brides will want to have at least one bridesmaid with them on their wedding day. Bridesmaids, flower girls, matron of honour, gal pals; whatever you want to call them they can be an invaluable support for this very special day. It is lovely for little girls to have the chance to be bridesmaids, and […]