Guest Blog by Nikki Webb: How to get that Wedding Day Glow

Every bride wants to have good skin but stress and other pre-wedding factors can make it difficult to achieve that flawless glow. Here’s makeup artist, Nikki Webb’s, top tips.

Skin! We all have it but we don’t always take good care of it!

With the wedding date set, the dress on order and the preparations for your bridal makeup look fully underway, there is always something almost every bride forgets to put on their list. SKINCARE! I know, it might be a minor thing to add to your ‘to do’ list but as a makeup artist its one of the first things we discuss on your trial. 

For me, YOUR skin does half of my job! On your wedding day, you will always have that gorgeous Bride glow. The products you apply are the bonus to your radiance with your glow and natural beauty shining through. 

Here are my top secrets, my favourite recommendations for all of my beautiful brides to be. Its as easy as 1, 2, 3…Cleanse, tone and moisturise anything else is a bonus. 


Micellar Water

I always use a Micellar Water, the Garnier version is my number 1 go-to. I use it every morning to clean my face. I feel like it hydrates and gives that perfect clean shine before applying my skincare products. 


Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream

Just where to begin? This is a little pot of gold! It’s a personal favourite. I always like to recommend a product I have personally tried and tested. This is a great day moisturiser; light, has SPF and reduces fine lines. It’s an all-round winner for all skin types! It’s actually is a miracle!

Tropic Skincare

I love the ABC collection. I feel it is great for normal skin! The cleanser is super light and takes off all of your makeup, even waterproof products.

The toner is super refreshing, it sounds ridiculous, but it’s not too wet. It’s a lovely balance that doesn’t leave you feeling too sticky so even if you have very little time for a skincare routine before your makeup and before bed is perfect for this combo. The ingredients and smell of these products are divine. 

Not forgetting to moisturise, The skin feast is very lightweight and leaves your skin feeling incredible. No…I do not work or sell the products personally, I just love them! – They also do a skin mask that you can choose more personal to your preference! Perfect right! And even better that they come in a set, SO EASY!

The Ordinary Hyaluronic acid

This is AMAZING!! It’s just something else for those with dry skin. It hydrates and reduces the dryness instantly. I use this on a wedding morning to give that added bridal glow.


Vitamin E

This is the secret to a good moisturiser for dry skin too. Literally any product that boosts this will be the one for you. The Alpha-A H Vitamin E is a rich serum. It is not a moisturiser but it has the same benefits. It’s not thick and will not clog your pores; perfect for evening routines so your skin can still breathe whilst you sleep. For a cream, it always has to be Khiels Ultra Facial Cream. It’s written on the tin and it is actually great for all skin types.

Mario Bades CU Oil Moisturiser SPF17

Oily skin needs lots of moisture too. For best results always look for a water-based or oil-free products. Mario Bades CU Oil Moisturiser SPF17 even has SPF in for additional benefits. I double this up as a primer before my makeup, it’s super silky and absorbs into the skin instantly. SPF is great to protect your skin from the sun. This cream is super rich and definitely one to invest in. 


The Tea Tree Range by The Bodyshop

The Bodyshop has some great products for problem skin. Not only is it really affordable, but there’s not one piece of the range I don’t use for my clients. The mattifying lotion is great to use before makeup as a primer, it keeps your makeup on ALL DAY! Got a blemish, no problem! The Targeted gel hits the target and helps to tone down the colour before applying makeup, hey presto, goodbye blemish!

Rodial Dragons Blood Jelly Eye Patches

My puffy eyes and dark circles are the bane of my life but the Rodial Dragons Blood Jelly Eye Patches soothe puffiness, hydrate and smooth out the area. Teamed with Rodial Pink Diamond Lip and Eye Filler, dark circles literally disappear. Absolutely needed on the wedding morning when you’ve been up all night with excitement. It is perfect for lips too! I apply this before my lipstick for that added kissing power. 



Masks are so personal, I always think these should be used as a deep cleanse weekly/fortnightly. I am always drawn to those that hydrate and have lots of vitamins. Dr. Botanicals has a great range that offers so many different benefits. I also love anything with coconut in, it smells amazing, protects and heals the skin as well as having antimicrobial properties that fight all bacteria preventing breakouts, rosacea and dry areas. 


When to start?

I recommend starting a skin care routine at least 6 months before the wedding day, you do not want to leave it too late in case of any allergies, reactions or blemish outbreaks. Most definitely NO trying anything new the week of the wedding. It’s already an overwhelming time and you do not want to add any more stress! With your new-found skincare routine try some BB and CC Creams instead of foundation for the days you don’t need full glam. The Laura Mercier ones are my ultimate favourites. They are perfect!

When else would be the right time than in the lead up to your wedding to create a skin care routine?

Now go shopping you beautiful bride to be and get your skin wedding ready!


Find Nikki’s website here:

Phone: 07833 464223


Guest Blog by Cheshire Bridal Wear: We’re Moving…

Hear the latest update from the lovely team at Cheshire Bridal Wear…

So 2020 hasn’t quite been the year we all hoped it would be, I think it’s fair to say that the last six months have been a bit of an ordeal for all of us!

We started this year with heavy hearts as we took the decision to close our Goose Green shop in Altrincham, it was one of the most difficult decisions we’ve ever had to make but sadly we didn’t feel like we had another choice.

There were a number of competing issues we had to contend with but chief amongst them was the flooding. Since the renovation of Goose Green in 2016 we have experienced terrible trouble flooding during heavy rain. Every time we saw storms forecast our hearts sank as we would have to rush to put sandbags across the doors. It was pretty soul-destroying, and sadly each time we flooded it forced us to close the shop for a time so we could make repairs and re-fit.

Eventually, we had to say enough is enough, we received no help from local authorities and had no support from our landlord, combined with a change in atmosphere in Goose Green with new businesses coming in, something had to give.

One lovely part of our closing was that so many of our dresses found homes with some fabulous brides but still, it was so sad to say goodbye to a place where we’d made so many fantastic memories over the last 8 years. Then as we closed our doors, the whole country joined in with us! 

Corona Virus hit the UK like a wrecking ball and life changed for everybody, in amongst all this chaos we got to thinking about all those wonderful moments over the years and how in our heart of hearts we really didn’t want to give up on our dream, so it gives me great pleasure to announce that as of July 2020 Cheshire Bridal Wear is coming back!

We are opening up a brand new shop in the middle of Stockport’s historic old town! Our boutique will be offering the same high-quality gowns at unbeatable prices alongside an amazing collection of end of line dresses available on our outlet rail. 

We’re ready to show our brides that we haven’t lost sight of our passion and cant wait to meet more lovely brides and make fantastic new memories together! We are limited to one bride at any one time so be sure to phone ahead or email to book your appointment now!


Phone: 0161 927 9393





10 DIY Wedding Favour Ideas


Wedding favours come in a whole manner of shapes and sizes nowadays, so you really can get as creative as you like. Whether you’re on a budget or not, creating your own wedding favours can add a much more sentimental touch. 

From cocktails to sentimental notes, the possibilities are endless so, to get your creative juices flowing, here’s 10 DIY wedding favour ideas that won’t be left on the table!…


  1. Coffee 

Coffee lover? Why not give your guests their own little fix. Yes, it may not be the most obvious choice but it’s becoming a highly practical and popular type of favour. Simple and relatively cheap to make; give your guests something to take away that you know most (if not all) will use. You can get as creative as you like with this one and include a quote on the bag like “grounds for celebration” or “the perfect blend”… we’ll let you take it from here.

  1. Candles 

Who doesn’t love a good candle? We’re not saying you have to make these from scratch – it’s all in the decoration. Track down some scented votives like these and get creative with a personalised design. You could use ribbons and postal tags to add a personalised messages. Or, if you’re feeling particularly artistic, take metallic markers and draw your own designs onto the glass. 


  1. A cocktail in a jar

Who doesn’t love a little tipple to get the party started? Why not treat guests to their own mini cocktail to enjoy before the wedding breakfast? Another relatively simple one (depending on your cocktail mixing skills!) Head to Pinterest to hunt down some recipes – just be sure to check your measurements – no one wants to be sozzled before the evening begins. Decorate with a personalised label describing the cocktail. 


  1. Mini Meringues 

Tasty and light, they’ll be sure to go down an absolute treat. This is one you can do yourself with a few simple ingredients and a piping bag. Decorate with edible glitter (or whatever you fancy) and present them in mini boxes. 


  1. Sparklers 

Want to make those wedding photos truly magical? Give each guest a cute box of sparklers so they can help to lighten up your evening pictures. Plus, who doesn’t love a good sparkler?

  1. Personalised note

If you’re struggling with budget and don’t have much allocated to spending on favours, why not write a personalised note for each guest? Thank them for attending your big day and include a personal memory or two to make it truly personal. Sometimes, little touches like this can make all the difference and really show you care. 

10 DIY Wedding Favour Ideas

  1. A vintage book 

Literature fan? English teacher maybe? Share your passion by providing everyone with a vintage novel. You can pick them up in charity shops and second hand book stores for next to nothing and it’ll add a real personal touch. 


  1. A ‘mixtape’

This one is a throwback to the days of the good old mix tape. Load up your wedding playlist to USB sticks so guests can continue to enjoy the tunes after the party is over. 

  1. Temporary tattoos 

Ok, so not the ones you used to get when you were 6. We’re talking metallic gold and silver colours to match your theme. They’re particularly fun if you’re hosting a festival style wedding and will help guests really get into the spirit of things. You can find plenty of designs available on eBay, ready to be placed into a handmade, personalised envelope. 


  1. Mini soaps 

Like candles, this is a trinket that guests can take away and use. If you’re not up to physically making the soap, you can source bars online and then decorate the bags or holders with a personalised message. 


To sum up 

When it comes to wedding favours, it’s the thought that counts. Whether you have the budget or not, there’s plenty you can do to add a special touch. If you’re still suck for ideas, head on over to our Pinterest where you’ll find a goldmine of DIY wedding favour ideas. 

Guest Blog by Ice Entertainment: Our Top Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Suppliers

Paul and Steven from Ice Entertainment share their top tips on choosing your wedding suppliers.

We are in an unprecedented situation, one that has never happened in our  lifetimes. The pandemic has been awfully close to home affecting us personally as well as the business.

At Ice Entertainment, we didn’t know that the people we work with would become more than colleagues. We’ve been reflecting on how they are in our lives every day, more than immediate family and at a time like this it becomes more apparent that their impact within daily life is bigger than we ever imagined.

We are sat here considering the future of the industry, discussing what we can do to maintain our place in the industry and to keep in touch with our customers both past, present and future. Whilst we brainstorm over Facetime and zoom, we are ensuring that we stay present on social media. 

What was apparent from the discussions is that we want to keep positive and put a positive into the situation. The most redeeming fact is that people will always fall in love even under the most stressful times and circumstances.

Love stories happen and have brought people together. From there they have their engagement, they organise each others milestone birthday parties, they work hard to build a life together, they get invited to other couples’ weddings and then set the date for their own big day.

People will always want to celebrate, they will never stop getting married and we must be grateful to be part of an industry that will never end.

If you’re planning your big day at the moment, here’s our top tips on choosing your wedding suppliers: 

Speak to your wedding coordinator and venue about their recommendations based on suppliers that they work with and trust. There is a good reason why a hotel/venue will work with them, consistency and reliability are two very important factors in planning.

Research the suppliers, browse their social media, look at their testimonials, are they frequently posting? This can be a good indication of how in demand they are.

Speak to the supplier, you are potentially employing someone to work alongside you, do they put you at ease? Someone who you feel comfortable with and knows what they are talking about from experience; elaborate websites can be bought but you can’t buy experience. 

Never be afraid to ask questions. Your supplier is there to help you and will be used to working with people, any doubts you have please ask. The less stressed you are, the fewer doubts you have and the better your whole wedding experience will be.

Do they hold the relevant certificates required? So many individual companies take short cuts and sadly this can be at your expense.

Say thank you! In a time where everyone is busy and under stress, if everything went well, show support for your suppliers by sharing a good review and recommending them to others.


Stay safe and stay well

Paul Atkinson & Steven Kynaston (with a combined experience of over 50 years within the wedding and events industry)


Paul, Steve & the ICE Entertainment UK Family

0845 475 1020



Guest Blog by DJ Chris G: 5 Top Tips When Choosing Your Wedding DJ

By DJ Chris Guttridge, Professional DJ, MC, and Lighting Specialist 

‘A genuinely great DJ, just for a moment can make a whole room fall in Love’

Choosing your DJ is not a decision to be rushed. Think about how much time you put into carefully selecting your venue and all the other details to ensure your wedding day reflects your couple style. 

With that in mind, ask yourself why would you not invest time in making sure your DJ is the best fit for you too? 

Afterall, a bad DJ can make an event one to forget and have your guests talking about your wedding for the wrong reasons. 

Don’t be afraid to do your research and ask questions to ensure it is a party to remember for the right reasons.

Here are my top 5 tips when it comes to choosing your wedding DJ:  


1. Hire a professional

Professional DJ’s are just that; Professional. Being a DJ is their full-time job and they will have the knowledge and skill set to understand the logistics of your venue, keeping your dance floor filled and most importantly understanding the timings of the day. For example, if you have also hired a band or another entertainment act, they will be able to work around them and provide a seamless transition between sets.

Professionals will also have the best equipment as they invest time and money into it to ensure it is reliable and produces the best sound quality and effects. 

“I always ensure I check my equipment before every gig and always have back ups should the unthinkable happen and something fail on the day.”

Additionally, a professional DJ will always provide a contract and their booking terms and conditions for full peace of mind. They can often supply bespoke lighting and other specials effects like indoor fireworks, light up dance floors, confetti canons and more!

 Many will also have contacts for other trusted suppliers from working the circuit and can be a valuable source of information and support when it comes to sourcing additional extras for your big day.


2. Check prices

What is your budget? And what are your expectations for that? A professional DJ will be able to tell you straightaway if your expectations are realistic and suggest a tailored package to suit you and fit in with your budget.

Cheap deals can often be an indication of cheap equipment and a hobbyist who is DJing as a sideline. This may well be good enough for an 18th birthday in a social club but when it comes to your wedding always question experience. 

3. Meet your DJ in person

Once I have established that I am free on a requested date I insist on meeting the couple to find out what they are looking for. If it is important to you to have a certain type of music talk to your DJ about that:

 Are they open to playlist suggestions? 

Do they understand the vibe you are after? 

 A meeting is your opportunity to establish trust and to see how well you get on.  If you are getting married some distance away don’t be afraid to ask for a video call.

4. Check your DJ is authentic

Anyone these days can have a great website so make sure you do your research. Dig a little deeper and have a look at Facebook and Google reviews. Ask if you can attend a gig where your DJ is playing or see if you can meet them at a wedding fayre to see their set up in person. 

If they say they have won awards or are members of associations, research those awards and organisations and don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as it takes for you to put your trust in this person.

5. Don’t rush your decision

Whilst good DJs get booked up early take your time to make your decision and to consider all the above. If you like a particular style find the right fit for you and most of all have fun with your wedding planning.

Do not be forced into accepting a DJ from your venues recommended supplier list if you have not seen or spoken to them. 

Good luck with your wedding planning and you can contact me via anytime or call me on 07411 636 675 if you have any further questions.


Guest Blog: Take a tour of Skitby…

“Every Love story is beautiful but yours is our favourite…”

Planning your wedding? Looking for your dream wedding venue but currently unable to arrange a personal visit?

As a Multi Award Winning Cumbrian Wedding venue; you can now experience the beauty that lies within Skitby by taking a Virtual Venue Tour with friends and family from the comfort of your home.

We are actively taking new bookings and would love to hear from you, so why not pop open a bottle of bubbly or grab a coffee and enjoy viewing!!!

Our Virtual tour can be found on our website –

If you would like further information or to arrange a virtual appointment the team can be contacted directly on 01228 675241 or email

We think you will LOVE it as we certainly do!!

Guest Blog by Nikki Webb MUA: A lockdown Bride to be…

Here’s Make-up Artist, Nikki Webb’s, top tips on planning your wedding in lockdown…

WOW…Where did that come from? A national lockdown! Now we have unexpected time to reflect and catch up on all the things we have struggled to find the time to do. 

With the weeks passing us by all spent at home, for some of us its been nice to take some time out and relax. 

It has been a crazy time for many of us in the wedding world! I am Nikki Webb, I usually offer wedding hair and makeup, however since March I have barely done my own hair and makeup. You will have noticed this if you follow me on my socials. 

So what can we do during lockdown? Especially if you’re a bride looking to fill your time with some wedding planning! Whether your wedding has been postponed or is planned in another year or two, now is the time to make the most of the relaxed planning – Let’s carry on together!

Lets PLAN – Order those all important wedding magazines online! You can find the County Brides one here

Lets LIST – I am a huge list lover, lists for lists! This is a great time to get on top of those. Make a list of everything you need, then everything you want. These are absolutely two different lists, although mine would be similar, much to the other half’s annoyance. 

If you’re a bride who has postponed your wedding, see this as additional time to get those important loose ends tied up, maybe add that extra special ‘want’!

If you are in the early stages of planning, what better way to get through the lockdown than get excited about your plans. Talk to your desired suppliers, no time is too early to ask for your date!

Let’s EXPLORE – Usually our diaries will be full to the brim with wedding fayres. I love a wedding fayre, you get to enjoy meeting everyone face to face, ask those questions you feel silly about writing down in an email and grab a treat or two. 

I have loved seeing so many bridal magazines creating online wedding fairs for us all to enjoy. My honest advice at a wedding fair is always to go home and follow the suppliers you meet on social media. I stand by it especially during these times! 

Let’s get SOCIAL – Go!!…Set up a wedding account, fill it with wedding spam! You will see all the suppliers you have met, post anything and everything about your wedding ideas and plans without taking over your friend’s newsfeeds. I feel like you will naturally gravitate towards the suppliers who will help to fulfil your wedding dreams. Obviously, you are already following me for your wedding hair and makeup…for those brides that are not, you must have been busy, get following @nikkiwebbmua and Nikki Webb Makeup Artist 😉

Let’s TALK – Now your following every supplier within at 20 mile radius of your wedding venue, the ideas will be rolling in. Ask all those questions you have! We are all at home, all ready and waiting to help you with your wedding plans. Get those inboxes going wild with your questions and wants! 

Let’s TALK MORE – Whilst trials and wedding meetings are on hold, this does not mean contact with me at NIKKI WEBB HAIR & MAKEUP ARTIST is. I continue to be working with my Brides, new and postponed.

Let’s make those plans together for your wedding hair and makeup. Let’s talk about your mother in law, who is worried about having her makeup done for the first time. Send me the looks that have taken your eye, let me see your wedding dress and let’s get planning your big day. After all it is still your special day! We just have the opportunity now to fine tune every little detail. 

Lets BOOK – Book those suppliers your drawn to! Tick off those lists and let us get planning your big day!

You can visit my website for all things bridal hair and makeup, drop me a message and lets talk about you joining my upcoming brides!

Happy planning!

Nikki xxx

7 Bridesmaid Dress Trends that are Hot in 2020

Need some bridesmaid dress inspo? Choosing a look for your girls can be both fun and challenging as pleasing everyone is not the easiest job in the world!

That is why today, we’re sharing with you the bridesmaids dress trends expected to make an appearance over the next year to help inspire you on your dress search for your besties.

This year is all about unusual necklines, bold colours and statement detailing, so prepare yourself for our round-up of 7 bridesmaids dress trends that are hot in 2020!


Rich Velvets

Smooth, silky velvet is a key trend for bridesmaids dresses in 2020 and 2021. This regal fabric adds a little bit of shimmer without being too in your face as glitter or sequins can sometimes be.

Although it may seem to be a material of the ’50s or ’70s, velvet has been making a comeback these past few years, and we can see why – velvet dresses can look luxurious and elegant without having a huge price tag attached to them.

Plus, an understated velvet dress is also re-wearable, which will be music to your girls’ ears knowing that they can rock that dress out to a fancy meal right after your wedding day! 

17 Gorgeous Photos Of Bridesmaids Rocking The Velvet Dress Trend ...
Image credit: Huffpost


Dressy Jumpsuits

If your besties (or sisters) aren’t the girly gown type, you can fulfil their wishes of something a little more versatile with a dressy sort of jumpsuit instead.

To keep this usually relaxed style a bit more formal, make sure the fabric is luxe, velvet or satin are great choices, and keep the colours plain. The best bit with this 2020 trend is that your bridesmaids will be able to dance like crazy in their floaty trousers.

Something Different: Bridesmaids in Jumpsuits |
Image Credit:


Delicate Halter Necklines

We have all seen Meghan Markle’s iconic ceremony dress, but did you spot her second wedding dress? Meghan’s ‘reception’ dress was a sleek halterneck number designed by Stella McCartney.

Although the royal wedding was almost two years ago, this trend will be following us over the next year, and we’re expecting it to be an especially prominent style for bridesmaids dresses.

A delicate halterneck gown is an ideal option for creating a statuesque, formal look—for example, if you’re having a black-tie wedding and want your wedding party to look super smart.

BRIDESMAIDS Raleigh Halterneck Maxi Dress - Matte Navy– Pretty Lavish
Image Credit: Pretty Lavish


Tasteful Embellishments

This trend is less about specific shapes, colours or adornments and more about character. There’s no denying that trends have been notably minimal on the bridesmaid scene of late, but we’re expecting things to change around in the coming year with the notion of ‘less is more’ being thrown to the curb. This year will bring back frills, intricate beading, bright colours, unique uses of sequins and even tassels galore – it is the ‘20s after all ladies! 

Glam Gold-Embellished Bridesmaid Dresses
Image Credit: The Knot


Bold Colours

Yellow, orange, burgundy, navy and dusty blue are the colours of 2020! Yellow and orange are beautiful, bright and arguably magical colours that will lift the mood of anyone wearing the dress and those around them.

They will also brighten up your wedding pictures if it’s a cloudy day (which, let’s be honest, is more than often here in the North West of England). Burgundy is a classic colour which never seems to go out of fashion and the warm, rich tones are just perfect for a winter wedding.

Navy and dusty blue are colours that were notably spotted in a few collections in New York Bridal Fashion Week. These colours compliment most skin tones and are fantastically versatile shades that work well with a number of hues if you wish to have a few colours running through your scheme.

Lemon, Sunflower and Marigold: Yellow Bridesmaids Dresses ...
Image credit:


Structured Silhouettes

If bold colours or embellishments aren’t for you, and you would prefer a minimalist, streamlined look for your wedding party’s attire, then this trend of structured silhouettes will be right up your street.

This style breaks away from the traditional bridesmaid dresses that feature floaty, flowy fabrics like tulle and chiffon and instead makes use of more thicker fabrics that can offer more structure such as satin or taffeta which create for an ultra-sophisticated look. Structured gowns can be made to work well with every body type and present a look that’s both simple and dramatic. 

The Only Bridesmaid Dresses You Need for Fall and Winter Weddings ...
Image credit: Snippet and Ink

Sleek One-Shoulder Gowns

One-shoulder gowns are making a comeback this year. This asymmetrical neckline was very popular in the early 2000s, and if we should know anything about fashion and trends, it is that we shouldn’t be surprised when things come back around, and that’s exactly what we’re seeing with these sleek one-shoulder gowns which are set to become a popular choice of neckline for bridesmaids 2020.

Convertible Bridesmaid Dress | Midway Media
Image Credit:


Be sure to check our Autumn wedding fayres here where we’ll be hosting a fab range of North West wedding suppliers, including Bridesmaid dress boutiques!