Real Life Weddings

The Wedding of Mr and Mrs Gore

I met Anthony in Bedlam, one of the rooms in the famous Liverpool gay club Garlands, so it wasn’t the most auspicious of starts for our relationship! I hadn’t even planned to go out that night. I’d recently lost my beloved dad, Alan, and I was still grieving but my friend Laura convinced me so […]

Proposal on the Boardwalk

Emma and Loz Bendle  Loz and I first met back in 2007 at McDonalds where he was working as an assistant manager and I was a shift running manager whilst at University; little did I know that he was the one! We spent a lot of time together as Loz always used to put me […]

The Wedding of Mr and Mrs Musso

Mr & Mrs Musso 1st June 2017 As I drove down the picturesque driveway and saw the magnificent country house emblazoned with ‘Ferrari’s’, I knew this place was going to be special. A tour of the inside and of the breath-taking gardens and I was convinced. All I had to do then was phone my […]


We first met on the 20th November 2000 when we started working for the same company.  We worked on the same team and became really good friends.  Then Kate left the company to work elsewhere and we lost contact for 12 years. We then reconnected on Facebook after I plucked up the courage and sent […]

The 10 Year Anniversary

Mr Gardiner & Mr Hutchence 30th June 2017 When we became Civil Partners 10 years ago; only 18 months after they became legal, we had no idea that Equal Marriage would hit the Statute books so soon thereafter. Therefore when we first decided to take the plunge, we planned a big splash at Crewe Hall […]

The Surprise Proposal

Mr & Mrs Prescott 13th May 2017 Tom and I met midweek in a bar. It was an unplanned night for both of us so it must have been fate that we met. Tom and I can vividly recall our eyes meeting across the dancefloor. I guess you could say it was love at first […]

New Mills to Manchester

29th April 2017 Mr & Mrs Smith Paul and I met in Manchester in December 2013. However, due to a busy festive period on both our parts, we didn’t have our first date until the New Year. We still have his train ticket from New Mills to Manchester city centre framed in our apartment. We […]

A Magical Weekend

Mr & Mrs Roby From the first moment that we saw the huge stand at the Wedding Show, we were impressed.  Concerned the luxury venue would be too far for guests to travel, we continued to browse.  With many places on display, nothing quite matched up to the Abbey House Hotel on the first impression.  […]

The Wedding of Mr & Mrs Duffy

5th May 2017 Mr & Mrs Duffy We count ourselves the luckiest of couples. We had our dream day on Friday 5th May 2017 specifically chosen as it was the date of my Grannie’s birthday, who is sadly no longer with us. It was held at the Pavilion Gardens in our beautiful hometown of Buxton, […]