Real Life Weddings

The Wedding of Mr and Mrs Reade

Mr & Mrs Reade 13th April 2017 The first time Tom and I met was in my mum’s kitchen. He politely asked if he could grab some drinks. Being one of my brother’s friends I told him to go ahead. He started to chat to me about everything and nothing and I couldn’t help thinking […]

Vale Royal Abbey Wedding

I’ll never forget the day Ian proposed to me. We had just arrived on holiday last year in Portugal. We were shown around the apartment by a lovely lady called Jane. As we walked into the dining room I didn’t even notice the huge spray of red roses on the table which Ian had organised […]

Childhood Sweethearts

Gary and I had known each other since childhood. We’d lived next door but three to each other all our lives so we literally knew everything about each other! Gary came home from football one night when I was at home just watching TV; he walked in, got down on one knee and asked me […]

Thorton Manor Wedding

Jonty and I met in July 2015 on what was a very unplanned evening out for the both of us. Both out with very good friends, we caught each other’s eye across the dance floor. After spending the full evening dancing with each other (1950’s style) my friend, with my best interests at heart, pulled […]

The Wedding of Mr and Mrs Horrocks

Mr & Mrs Horrocks 4th June 2016 4th June 2007 to the 4th June 2016. How it all began and what happened in between. I was out having a drink with my oldest friend and returned from the bar with two Budweisers only to find her chatting to two brothers who were at school with […]

Shrigley Hall Wedding

Shrigley Hall was the third venue that we visited and we immediately knew that it was the one for us. It had such character both inside and outside with amazing charm and stunning grounds. My wedding dress was something I was so worried about shopping for. However, it is true what they say when you […]

Icing On The Cake

Ayo and I met through a mutual friend on a night out in London in November 2011 but our paths didn’t cross again until Ayo moved up to Manchester with work in April 2012. Offering to show him the sights and places to go around Manchester, we soon formed a really close friendship. On 9th […]

From A Building Site to Building Memories

21st July 2017 Mr & Mrs Worsley Having just returned home from Dubai, where an unexpected proposal had been the highlight of the trip, it was hard to imagine that I would find the venue of my dreams only 24 hours after I had now famously announced, “I don’t know what kind of wedding I […]

The Perfect December Wedding

The most important thing for us on our wedding day was for it to be really good fun. We didn’t want any stuffiness or formality and we wanted our guests (and ourselves) to enjoy every second. We met and got engaged in December (not at the same time) so it felt natural that we have […]