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Wedding Registry

                Most couples will consider setting up a wedding registry for their gifts, but it can be hard to decide what to include, especially if you already have a home together. It is acceptable these days to ask for gift vouchers or contributions towards your honeymoon, but it […]

Advice on a Gift List

For those couples who already have a home together before they get married a gift list reduces the risk of an unwanted or duplicated gift, or they may prefer to ask for vouchers or money towards a big purchase for their home, but if they have only just moved in together the couple might need […]

Choosing a Caterer for your Wedding Day

Choosing the right caterer is important as part of the experience of your wedding day is the food that you will share with your guests. When booking a caterer for your wedding it pays to do some preparation beforehand and there are key questions that you should ask to make sure that everything goes to […]

On the Final Stretch to your Special Day!

You are on the final stretch to your special day! A countdown list for the final months always helps to put things in perspective and helps you not to feel overwhelmed by the whole planning process. Buy yourself a gorgeous wedding planner to keep up to date with to do lists etc and you also […]

Tip For Putting On a Gown

Tips for Putting on a Gown from Cherish Bridal 1.Before putting on your gown, go to the toilet. It may be the last time you get to go before the reception. Have the bride and her bridesmaids wash their hands well, in case makeup is on the fingertips. 2.Top up your deodorant, ensuring there’s no […]

Tanya Lloyd – Once you

Once you’re both married and your lives relax into being together, you will look at your wedding photographs to remind you of the amazing day you created. So getting the right photographer to shoot your wedding day in the way you want is vital.