7 Fab Liverpool Themed Wedding Ideas

Getting married in Liverpool? For a lot of people, Liverpool is more than somewhere they live. It’s so iconic in our culture, from the Beatles to football, Liverpool is known across the globe. If you call this city home, or maybe just hold fond memories there, then it’s a great idea to include nods to […]

Guest Blog: Love Lace Bridal, Our Top Tips for Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day has finally arrived! You’ve planned your special day to perfection and your wedding day has finally arrived! It’s time to enjoy and celebrate with family and friends. Weddings are meant to be one of the most wonderful, memorable, romantic and exciting days in your life, so relax and enjoy every moment. Be prepared […]

20 Song Ideas for Walking Up the Aisle

Wedding aisle song

Choosing the music you walk up the aisle to might seem like a small decision but it’s actually a really important one. The music you play sets the tone for your ceremony (and more often than not the music is what starts getting everyone emotional!). So you want to get it right. Something upbeat enough […]

7 Simple ideas for your Manchester wedding

For a true Mancunian, the city is always in their heart. So why not include it in your wedding? Whether you live in Manchester, are from Manchester or just getting married there it’s always fun to include nods to the city in your decor. Manchester isn’t just any city, for the people who call it […]

The Ultimate Guide to Maid of Honour Duties

Being chosen as someone’s maid of honour is an incredibly special experience. They have chosen you to stand by their side and help them get everything ready for their big day. Maid of honour is actually a slightly inaccurate name, really it should be more along the lines of ‘super planner, emotional support giver, make-up […]

Planning Your Daytime Wedding Music

You may have already booked your evening entertainment or thought about an awesome band or DJ you will hire to fill the dance floor and get the party started. But what about during the day? Imagine walking down the aisle to silence! Consider you and your guests having your drinks reception and meal to just […]

8 Tips on Planning an Eco-Friendly Wedding

One of the more recent trends in wedding planning is working out how to have a wedding with a low impact on the environment. You might be thinking how are weddings bad for the environment? Well, you’d be surprised with all the travel emissions, food, plastic and paper waste, weddings aren’t exactly eco-friendly. Why have […]