The Ultimate Guide to Maid of Honour Duties

Being chosen as someone’s maid of honour is an incredibly special experience. They have chosen you to stand by their side and help them get everything ready for their big day. Maid of honour is actually a slightly inaccurate name, really it should be more along the lines of ‘super planner, emotional support giver, make-up […]

Planning Your Daytime Wedding Music

You may have already booked your evening entertainment or thought about an awesome band or DJ you will hire to fill the dance floor and get the party started. But what about during the day? Imagine walking down the aisle to silence! Consider you and your guests having your drinks reception and meal to just […]

8 Tips on Planning an Eco-Friendly Wedding

One of the more recent trends in wedding planning is working out how to have a wedding with a low impact on the environment. You might be thinking how are weddings bad for the environment? Well, you’d be surprised with all the travel emissions, food, plastic and paper waste, weddings aren’t exactly eco-friendly. Why have […]

Getting Married Abroad? Here’s our Destination Wedding Checklist

Destination Wedding Checklist

Planning a destination wedding can feel like a huge challenge. Making a wedding planning checklist for a wedding near home is difficult enough, add in all the extra stresses of a destination wedding and it might feel overwhelming. Have no fear! We’re here to help! We’re going to give you our ultimate destination wedding checklist […]

10 DIY Wedding Favour Ideas

10 DIY Wedding Favour Ideas

Wedding favours come in a whole manner of shapes and sizes nowadays, so you really can get as creative as you like. Whether you’re on a budget or not, creating your own wedding favours can add a much more sentimental touch. From cocktails to personal notes, the possibilities are endless so, to get your creative […]

Bridal Emergency Wedding Day Kit

Emergency Bridal Wedding Day Kit

From teary eyes to spillages, a lot can happen on your big day so it’s important that you’re prepared. To help ensure you stay flawless, put together a bridal emergency wedding day kit of things you might need to have on hand. Here’s a round-up of handy items to include…