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Take  a Tip for free from Carlton  Ensemble –the North West’s Unique String Quartet & Flute  Group

If you’re choosing  wedding music  and fancy having strings–or even strings & a flute ! — for any part of the big day ,  here are a few tips.  By the way, we’ve been at it since 1982 –ever since shoulder pads were in ! — and consider with hindsight, experience should play is a major part in your decision.

SO for your amazing one-off day and rite of passage

  • Do listen for the sound you like most
  • Do NOT go merely on price–those scary  budget constraints alter as the date gets nearer
  • Do, if possible, meet your musos way in advance
  • Only employ people you feel you like & trust & can talk to.
  • Do ensure the musicians really know about wedding procedures of all types
  • Do choose music your guests & family will want to hear.
  • Do leave your own favourites for the ceremony & meal. During the reception you may well be whisked away for photos so it’s the guests who will be entertained–not you.
  • Remember alterations to repertoire can easily be made up to a couple of weeks beforehand
  • Hear out your musicians‘ advice even if you don‘t completely agree–and see that they listen to you too !
  • Do realise string qroups cannot realistically be heard clearly over the noise of groups larger than 100 people. The musos may need sound amplification. If this is not mentioned take heed.
  • DO NOT get hung up on an outdoor wedding unless you live abroad. This is the UK. Weather’s unpredictable
  • Just remember you are marrying the one you love &  this is about a marriage–not a garden party.
    So factor in plan B  and don’t let poor climate spoil your day.. If it’s spotting with rain, just have everything indoors–you’re still marrying the right person, And this way your guests don‘t get wet, shoes and dresses aren‘t ruined  & you‘ll still have the time of your life.
  • Take Note : We sat under a sopping canopy,  accompanying the  ceremony of a bride  happily  protected and dry in her glass  pergola,  whilst guests of all ages from babes-in-arms, heavily pregnant women, children and older folk  in wheelchairs  were soaked to the skin. Their finery and shoes were ruined. The inexperienced hotel manager instead of guiding her to respect her guests, simply said , ’It’s the bride’s day !’ Yes it is your day but remember your loved ones too !!

Any questions just   ask Fay  0161 428 4765
String quartet & flute or string trio & flute string quartet



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