Bridesmaid Dress Trends Set to be Big in 2019

Image courtesy of SouthBound Bride

Ok, so once you’ve made your dress decision, it’s time to think about your lovely bridesmaids. Colour? Shape? Style? Material? So many questions! Unless you’ve always had a set idea of the style and colour you’d like, this decision can be tricky.

So, to help you, we’ve put together the following round-up of bridesmaid dress trends that are set to be hot this year.


1. Navy

A timeless, classic colour which proved popular in 2018 it set to be just as big in 2019. The shade suits traditional wedding themes down to a tee and looks great in a range of styles.

Image courtesy of The Celebration Society

Image courtesy of The Celebration Society

2. Velvet Gowns

Yes, you heard us right, velvet. A luxury material, set to make a real impact this year. Think dark, decadent greens and reds.

Image courtesy of Aisle Society

3. High splits

Dresses with high slits are set to be well and truly in this year. Whether you’re looking for a ‘legs for days’ look or a more conservative split, these dresses will be sure to add a touch of Hollywood Glamour.

Image courtesy of Finbee Review

4. Wrap dresses

The style which suits every figure! Yes, the wrap dress. It was a firm favourite in 2018 and is set to be just as popular in 2019.


Image Courtesy of Wedding Forward

5. Sequins

Fan of sparkles? This trend could be perfect to you. Sequins are going to be popular in 2019, with rose gold and gold hues leading the way.

Image courtesy of SouthBound Bride

Image courtesy of SouthBound Bride

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