Brides Who Don’t Like to Wear Make-Up

A natural make-up look

A natural make-up look

Brides who don’t wear make-up, but don’t want to look pale and washed out on their wedding photographs, often ask what can they do with their skin and make-up so they don’t look too different and still feel like themselves. We asked Catherine Bobby, a professional make-up artist for her advice on how to achieve a natural, beautiful look for your wedding day.

“The first thing to consider is adding a little colour to your skin by using a false tan. An all over spray tan comes in different shades to suit any skin tone from light to dark. Have a practice appointment before your wedding day to check you are happy with the results and if you like it, book the same person who did the practice to do your spray tan for your wedding day. If you would prefer to do it yourself try a product called “make believe” which you put on the night before and the next day you have a lovely natural tan.

With or without a false tan, I recommend a light foundation to even out your skin tone, you could try a cream foundation such as Benefit “Some kind-a Gorgeous” or Daniel Sandler “ Invisible Radiance” or my favourite, id bare minerals foundation. To enhance your features add a wash of colour to brows, eyes, lips, apples of cheeks and use black mascara.

You will look different with make-up on, so if you are unsure, experiment with products to find out what you like or speak to a make-up artist for unbiased advice. Think of make-up as protection for your skin and as enhancement for your features.

You don’t need to be caked in make-up but adding colour, evening out your skin tone and emphasizing your features will make you look picture perfect.”

Catherine Bobby, Makeup Artist