Bridal Gown Design Details

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Halter detailed bridal gown

If you are not buying a dress off the peg and are looking for something handmade there are all sorts of details to consider. A light fabric may be more suited to the warmer months and will be easier to alter if you want to be able to wear it again. Some fabric will take dye better than others if this is something that you want to be able to do to the dress afterwards. Of course you may want to just wear the dress once and then keep it forever, and there are specialist companies who will provide a service that will cleans your dress and then return it to you in custom storage to protect the fabric and keep it looking as stunning as the day that you wore it.
The beauty of a bespoke design is that you can have exactly the silhouette and fabric that you want, and can incorporate vintage fabrics or jewellery in to the final design. You can be as traditional or as avant-garde in your tastes as you wish – someone out there is just waiting to create your dream bridal gown for you. Lots of designs start with a corset of some sort to give the dress structure and help it to sit correctly on your body, no matter what your shape or size, and a custom design means that you will be able to wear the dress comfortably all day. Choose from fantastic silks, satins, organza, chiffon and tulle, or mix your fabrics and textures if you want to have something quite eclectic.

There are lots of colour choices from the traditional stark white, through to eggshell, oyster, pastel and deep shades, that can all be used for your dream gown, so the only limit is your imagination – and that’s before you start to think of the details such as beading, lace, trains and veils! So take a few moments in all of the wedding planning to daydream and come up with your perfect dress for the perfect day.