Bridal Accessories

pexels red-bouquet-roses-bridal-mediumThere are lots of ways to accessorise for your wedding day, from bespoke designer detailing on your gown, to veils, tiaras, hair vines, jewellery, shoes, bags and much more. For the bride who loves to shop it is a golden opportunity to invest in some accessories and pieces that she will get joy from for many years to come, not just on her wedding day. A beautiful beaded clutch bag can easily be carried by your bridesmaid during the day and gives you somewhere to stash a couple of tissues, a lipstick and any other small essential items. Every time you use it after the wedding you will be reminded of your wedding day, especially if you tuck a little keepsake inside such as a piece of confetti, your place cards or a favourite photo from the wedding. Glamorous shoes are a must for any bride and you can definitely get your wear out of them by choosing a design from a company such as Elegant Steps who provide a dyeing service after the event, so you can invest in something really stylish, knowing that you will be able to wear them again. Wedding jewellery is not just confined to the rings that you choose and so many brides love the timeless elegance of pearls for wedding jewellery, as they suit all hairstyle-decoration-hair-weddingage groups and they go with everything. A classic pair of diamond stud earrings is also a good investment for your jewellery box, as you will wear them for years to come. Decorative buttons from your bouquet can be re used once the blooms have faded, and you may be able to put some decorative elements from the venue to use in your home, especially if they are things that you have made yourselves.

You may not wear a wedding veil again, but a carefully chosen piece of headwear can easily be used again in the party season or on a special date with your partner. Hair combs, vines and slides are particularly useful in this respect, although there is nothing to stop you wearing your tiara again for every Christmas dinner if the mood takes you!