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See The World’s First Black Diamond Wedding Ring at Henry D Johnstone Jewellers in Alderley Edge.

As a specialist in the field of Wedding and Engagement rings we are always searching for something new and ground breaking to show our brides and grooms and here we have it – The world’s first solid black diamond ring!

What are BLACK DIAMOND rings made of? – Each ring is made of millions of diamond crystals pressed together in a matrix.

How are they made? – New technology now creates a ring that is formed from millions of diamond crystals all pressed together under an incredible pressure (1 million psi) and extreme temperatures (over 1500°c), The colour is black because there are literally millions of diamond crystals all pressed together in non-symmetrical orientation, meaning light will not pass through as it would with just one crystal.

What designs / styles are available? – Available in a choice of a matte or polished finish, these rings can also be inset with a white or coloured diamond or even inlaid with precious metals such as Gold, Platinum or Palladium and for something more personal, there is a choice of laser engraved designs on the outside of the ring or why not have your own design commissioned.

Why BLACK DIAMOND? – There is nothing quite like DIAMOND IN BLACK, it is harder than tungsten and ceramic, more enduring than Titanium and will outlast all precious metals. Traditional materials scratch and mark easily even in the mildest of working conditions; these rings cannot be scratched, except by another Diamond. Diamond in Black is forever.

We are delighted to invite you to our Wedding Ring Exhibition at:

 Henry D Johnstone Jewellers in Alderley Edge

From Monday 3rd to Sunday 23rd October 2016

In addition to The Diamond in Black rings, we currently have a special collection of over 300 rings from Furrer Jacot of Switzerland to view instore and our Specialist advisors will be on hand to discuss any ideas you might have; whether its creating a BESPOKE piece or helping you choose from our wide and varied collections. We will also be offering a select range of sample rings with special reductions during this period only.

As part of our ‘special wedding fair promotion’ there will be a special promotional discount* on any order(s) placed during this period making us extremely competitive against our high street and online rivals. To take advantage of this exclusive offer, a small deposit would be required on any order(s) placed, with the balance due only at the time of collection. Ask instore for further details.

If you would like to attend, we recommend you book an appointment so that we can reserve time just for you and therefore avoiding any unnecessary waiting.

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